5 Reasons Why Your YouTube Marketing Doesn’t Work

This is another guest post written by Celina Conner. If you’d like to write a guest post please contact me.

psyYouTube marketing has been gaining momentum and companies exploring the benefits of Video Marketing are continually increasing. Because more and more people prefer watching videos over reading an article about a product online, businesses take advantage of the entertainment that videos provide in selling their products or services. With that being said, video marketing is becoming an essential part in any company’s business strategy.

However, getting people to view your YouTube channel is not all there is to it. While gaining page views is important, turning your visitors into buyers is another challenge. If you have a YouTube channel and you have millions of page views but fewer sales, there might be some discrepancy that needs to be fixed.

Let us help you analyze where the glitch is so that you can improve your marketing on YouTube. Here are five probable reasons why your YouTube marketing does not convert.

1. Your videos are too long. Yes you may have the most dramatic video about care-giving service, but before people reach the end of it to recognize your company name they stop watching. People lose interest after the first two minutes because most of them who are online have shorter attention span.

2. Your video title is dull. People who look for products or services online usually are captured by interesting titles since it is what they see first in the search engine results page (SERP). Your videos may not even bring in the traffic because the video labels do not stick and are not appealing enough to grab their attention.

3. You have not given a clear call-to-action. A visitor may have enjoyed watching your video but this page view will not convert to a sale because he/she have no idea what you want them to do. Many companies make this mistake because all they were focused on was gaining page views. Your brilliant video marketing may be beautiful but it defeats its purpose if you do not inform your visitors a clear call-to-action after watching it.

4. You have not maximized YouTube’s features. YouTube is continually improving its interface to provide better service to individuals and companies alike to market themselves. For some users, they can actually choose the thumbnail that will show in the search page. There are settings that will make your channel more branded and will present your videos better such as customizing the background and choosing the “Player View” layout. There is now a “Post Bulletin” tab that you can use to inform your contacts and subscribers about your video updates. And there are plenty more if you explore YouTube’s features and use it to your advantage.

5. You are not uploading videos regularly. As with all things, not following up will definitely make you lose the opportunity of converting your viewers to be buying customers. Uploading a video with too long periods in between is not wise for it gives other companies in your niche the opening to steal your viewers and turn them into their customers mainly because they are more diligent in uploading their video ads.

Gangnam styleSo how can you reverse these and increase your YouTube views and convert them into buying and loyal customers? Let me give you some tips:

1. Create videos that are less than two minutes. Carefully conceptualize your video to be short yet creative and too irresistible not to be purchased. Make it unconventional and interesting that will make your subscribers share it to their friends and contacts.

2. Think of keyword-rich video titles that are concise and catchy. Make sure that it is relevant to your video else, you will just annoy your viewers for tricking them into watching your video that is totally unrelated to the title.

3. These people landed on your YouTube channel because you have what they are looking for. Then plainly tell them what you offer and direct them how to acquire it. If they need to fill out a sign up form, tell them. Do they need to contact your sales representative? Provide the information in a clear way. Don’t be passive about it and instead give out a clear call-to-action for them to follow.

4. Take time to explore the features of YouTube and research latest trends how to make your channel and video more appealing to customers.

5. Create a series of videos that will be uploaded on a regular basis to draw people in. You may make video ads in a story line that are segmented which you can upload throughout the week. Any approach will do so long as you post videos frequently that will make people check out your channel more often.

It is time for you to translate those millions of views into millions of dollars. Review your video marketing efforts if you fall in any of those we mentioned above. Heed our advice and see how you can convert your visitors into loyal patrons of your business.

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Diploma of business from Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

Vlogging – The New Face Of The Blog?

If you’ve been listening in on the blogosphere over the past few months, you may have picked up on a newish term for blog enthusiasts – vlogging. Put simply, vlogging is video blogging, using media to capture your messages and impart them across to your followers. While the concept is not new, the name certainly is, and it’s important to stay abreast of this kind of term, as the coining of a term for a social media phenomenon usually indicates that the technique will be around for a while!

OK, so now we know what vlogging is, what are the benefits?

Vlogging is great for a number of reasons. The first is that it helps people who really want to run a blog, but hate writing. By plonking down in front of a video camera and capturing your words in this format, you save a wealth of time in terms of avoiding proofreading, and articulating your message quickly and easily.
Another benefit of vlogging is that it opens up your message for a wider range of platforms than words will alone. Videos can be captured for YouTube, and are included in search engine returns for sites such as Google, getting you in front of an increased number of people, and attracting more traffic back to your site.

Another advantage is that vlogging suits people who do not necessarily want to sit down and read an article, preferring to capture their information on the fly and get to key points quickly. We all have different learning styles, and the vlog enables our visual audience to respond to messages, as well as people who like to read their news online.

Another key advantage of vlogging is it allows your followers to meet you, as close to in person as possible. It’s amazing how much we can pick up from someone’s facial expressions, body language and image which can never come across through your writing. Your vlog will operate as a virtual shop front for you, your products and services, letting your readers put a face to your name and forge a stronger bond with you than simple text ever could.

All great so far – but there are some disadvantages to video blogs which you may also want to consider. The main one is probably the fact that when we speak, many of us have regional dialects or strong accents which may not translate well to an international audience. With words, people have the option to translate your message online, and you will write without any trace of regional dialect. However, some people may struggle to understand someone with a strong accent from a different country – or even, in some cases, from the same country as themselves!

Another issue is that in order to vlog, you do need to be confident and personable, in a way which word blogging will never require. You have to vacuum your office, put some nice plants in the frame, and brush your hair. You also have to have an element of technical ability in order to get your message across well, and understand the basics of public speaking.

Now you’ve weighed up the pros and cons, why not give video a go? Your audience are probably expecting it, and it’s a fun, innovative and engaging way of giving your message out without having to sit down and write lengthy copy.

Get Videos For Your Blog

We keep getting told that video is the future of the internet. Well, that amongst other things, but I happen to agree that video is always important for your business website or blog.

It’s something I’m striving to do more of for my business, and now I have a baby son, more of in my personal life.

However getting these videos to look professional can be a challenge. Even with the relatively cheap software, editing and “composing” videos for use on your website, or to celebrate a family even, birthday or just because, can be time consuming and frustrating.

Creativity In Motion (http://creativity-in-motion.com/) is a business that creates videos for your business, or for weddings or celebrations. They can create memories, or professional business videos from footage, photos, images etc that you already had.

There is no affiliate link from me, it’s just a great video service that is in need and I get asked about all the time.

One of the great services for your business are intros and outros – that is a little snippet at the start and end of your videos to give a professional touch to your videos. Your logo appearing with a sound or music, you’ve seen them on a lot of videos, but until now I haven’t known where you get them made. You can see samples here.

It’s time to dig out all those digital photos I’ve taken and actually do something with them!

Any questions, you can see their pricing on their site or email them for any questions.

How To Make Money Video Blogging

You may have seen a lot of people promoting Gideon Shalwick’s new free report called Rapid Video Blogging. It’s a brilliant 92 page report full of useful info that will help you move into the new era of video blogging. Nearly 11,000 people have downloaded it already!

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I’ve known Gideon for just about two years now, he actually introduced himself to me online and we formed a friendship. I still do work for him today (though had no hand in this product at all just to be clear!). He’s a master at YouTube and creating compelling, high quality videos and all his products so far have been top quality.

Because you’re smart you will have guessed, or heard, that the free report is a lead in to the launch of his Rapid Video Blogging course. As part of the launch he has some great content, such as the free report of course, and also you’ll get access to some free videos:

Behind-the-scenes: This is a behind-the-scenes look at super fast video creation. It’s 30 minutes long, so not a quickly thrown together video with no content! It takes you behind his home studio setup, showing you everything from lighting to editing to ‘getting comfortable’ tips.

Case Study: This is a real life case study of someone making a full time income from YouTube and her blog – 4,000 to 6,000 bucks per month and again is full of content at over 35 minutes long.

If you haven’t already downloaded the report you can do from the video pages too.

Now I really believe in Gideon’s teaching and his method and have personally seen a small part of what he plans to provide for the course. He has put together a very comprehensive video course that shows you, exactly step-by-step what you need to do to help you successfully implement your very own Rapid Video Blogging system.

My bonus to you

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My Income Blogging Guide course that I run with Andrew from We Build Your Blog teaches you step-by-step how to create an income from your blog, monetizing it, and creating your own products for sale. It covers building the blog that Gideon uses as one of his three foundations for your “Video Domination Hub”, and also one of the other three parts (see his report for what that is!).

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If you have any questions at all please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

Why You Should Use Video On Your Blog

Now this post is going to be slightly ironic as it’s text but hey I do lots of videos too! Unless you have been living on the moon for the past few months, you may have noticed that video is taking off, when it comes to delivering information through your blog.

Online marketing videos are the latest craze for people wanting to promote themselves, their company and their products. Making the jump to video is easier than ever, and we need to keep up to date with new technology developments to keep our blog at the forefront of people’s attention!

Here’s why using video on your blog can provide a cheap, easy and engaging way to encourage people to come to your blog, stay a while, and then return to it again and again…

You get your message seen by your target audience

These days, people have less and less time to spend on…just about everything! Long pages of text may be informative, but it could put some of your potential customers off if they think they’re going to have to spend time reading it. Video, on the other hand, is quick and easy to watch and is seen as entertainment, not effort.

Just as with writing, as long as your video is interesting and tuned in to your viewers needs or problems, you have a potential customer’s full attention. But stray from this for just a moment, and your viewer becomes bored and will click away.

You put yourself out there as an expert

When you create a video you are automatically seen as an expert in your field. This gives extra credibility to your business as you become the right guy to go to with the answers to problems in your field. Put some useful information in your videos, not just sales messages, and you’ll build up a loyal following of viewers.

You have the potential to educate your customer base

By its very nature, video is a visual medium. It is much easier for your customers to watch a short tutorial video than it is to read through a heavy technical manual, just to understand a simple point or technique. This method alone can slash your customer support costs, by providing an opportunity to help without going through the lengthy training manual production process. Many people absorb information better through viewing it, so it offers a double advantage.

You have an opportunity to build up trust in your online relationships

Your audience is not stupid – people instinctively know what is a sales pitch, and what isn’t. As soon as people some sense they are going to be sold to, they’ll leave you and go somewhere else. By putting your message on video, you have the opportunity to let your customers see your face rather than your company, let them get to know you, and make them more inclined to use your services.

People only spend cash with people they trust. The best way to build trust is to answer their concerns honestly, without hype or spin, and instead of trying to sell them, make it easy for them to buy.

You can get your video message out quickly and easily, to a large audience

To make the largest profits from the least expense in any business, you need to find a good customer base that are looking for your products. By listing your on-line videos on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, with effective use of relevant keyword tags you have access to a huge audience. It has never been easier or cheaper to create effective online marketing videos to promote your business, church or non-profit organization.

With just a little thought and effort, you could be reaping the benefits of online video marketing without spending a fortune.

Theme Video Tutorials For WordPress Premium Themes

Using premium WordPress themes is great, but often you need to watch video tutorials of how to do something. There are lots of sites with different videos for different premium themes, so after constantly directing people all over the place for their theme tutorials I decided to put them all in one place. Theme Vids was born, a site housing all the best premium theme tutorial videos in a central location. I’ve put together a short video below so you can see how to use the site.

Each weekday a different video will be shown and so the category links to your theme and the search box may be your friend to find relevant tutorials. Currently I am just covering Headway, Thesis, Woo Themes, and Flexx, but if you want other premium theme videos added just contact me from the site and let me know. I’ll be adding any training videos I do to there too, so will be redirecting clients to it over the next few months.

I’m always happy for any feedback so please let me know what you think of the Theme Vids, and what can be improved.

Free Week Review

This week just a quick round via video of my Free Week Thanksgiving offer that went on last week.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comment section below. The audio on my Flip is playing up, giving me a lisp-type sound – unless I’ve developed a lisp since I last did a video. Should I do more videos? If so, what would you like to know?

More Free Videos

One thing I like about internet product launches is the quality of the free information you can receive. With the launches becoming more advanced and competitive, the “free-line” is moving constantly with higher quality information being released. Become A Blogger Premium is no different with some “X-factor” videos being released.

Take a look at their new video below, it is an elaboration of one of the X-Factor strategies inside Yaro and Gideon’s report – The Roadmap To Become A Blogger, which has already been downloaded 8,789 times in the last week!

It looks at a little-known feature of the social media giant Facebook, and shows you how to use it to your advantage and uncover multiple exploitable niche areas. You don’t need to enter your details or anything to watch it, simply take a look.

As usual, I’m an affiliate of Yaro and Gideon, so I make some money if you sign up for their course. However I do not offer anything to sweeten the deal – an incentive (or bribe!) – like lots of other internet marketers do. Sure it increases sales but I would rather you thought this course would be useful to you and help you in your blogging (and financial) goals, rather than because someone was offering a bonus and it only might be of interest. Please note the price of the course goes up from $27/month to $47/month and removal of fast action bonuses on December 11th.