Theme Wars Launches!

Theme Wars is an interesting new concept from Unique Blog Designs, the geniuses behind my blog theme. Essentially it’s a blog theme store with a twist.

1. Each week, any blog designer can submit an entry (his/her original design) into our “Weekly War.”
2. The Weekly War will be a contest to design a particular type of theme (e.g. magazine, business, etc.) as voted on by the community (via poll) the week before.
3. The top two designs which the community votes for will be sold in our Theme Store. The winning designers will receive 25% and 10%, respectively, each time his/her winning design sells.

Theme Wars

There will probably be between 3 and 8 news themes each week and it seems a great way to get fresh new designs for bloggers, and for blog designers to get paid or their work. Take a look.

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