Client Spotlight: Quantum Business Training

Michele Tocci is a presenter, trainer, coach, author and NLP practitioner. Michele’s vision is to impact and transform individuals to be exceptional and live the life of their dreams. Her mission is to create transformational change in others. She runs Quantum Business Training, and I asked her a few questions about her site.

What it is Quantum Business Training all about?

The blog is designed for business owners and provides articles so that business owners can improve their business. The articles are thought provoking and address areas for improvement. Areas covered include:


> Business development
> Business planning
> Business customer service
> Business marketing
> Business sales
> Business growth
> Business training

What does your website provide?

Initially the blog is providing a complimentary e-book on how business owners can improve their productivity. Eventually it will have a number of e-books related to improving business results. Then e-courses and programs that will educate the business owner that is great at their specialty but is aware that they can improve their business skills.

What readers/customers are you targeting?

My target reader and customer are business owners that are excellent at their trade such as plumber, hairdresser, beauty therapist, electrician, draftsman, etc. Business owners who have trained and developed a skill then set up their own business but haven’t undertaken any education to develop business skills and know that this is an area that they need to increase their knowledge in.

Why did you set your business up?

I owned a business that was excellent yet I lacked business skills to maximize my income so I invested heavily in my own personal development of business skills and it has turned my business around. I then realized there are many business owners who are the same as me. My first business is about time management, business systems and productivity and I find that when I am talking and working with business owners one of the greatest problems is business owners don’t spend and invest time in working on their business as they are so busy working in their business.

Another key message that I wish to spread to business owners is about adding massive value to their clients, the more you take care of others the more it comes back to you. Move your focus from money to value to the client and the income will take care of itself.

Anything else you would like to add?

I am still working through the income blogging guide program with my site. I have received so much value from your site and it has made such a massive difference to my understand.

Take a look at all Michele offers at Quantum Business Training.

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BTG WordPress Training Videos

Why the reduced price?
There are a few reasons I’ve reduced the price permanently. First, I have sold a lot of these videos and now they’ve been out for a while I would like to share them with others who perhaps could not have afforded them.

Also I don’t have the time to keep them up to date, and with the release of WordPress 3.0 in a couple of months, there will be more features that will be missing from the videos. The videos will still all be relevant and useful (check out the full list here), but there will be too much to keep up with.

What versions of WordPress are these videos for?
The videos will work for WordPress 2.7, 2.8 and 2.9.

Go here to see a complete list of WordPress Training Videos, what you get, testimonials for the videos, and my guarantee. You can buy on the training videos page, or using the enormous button below!

Blog Training Videos Coming Soon

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been quietly working on some WordPress blog training videos. These videos answer common questions such as:

Blog Training Videos

– Registering a domain name, getting web hosting and changing nameservers.
– Using FileZilla FTP.
– Installing WordPress manually and automatically.
– How to create new content, add images etc.
– How to manage plugins, themes and widgets.
– How to set up AWeber and Get Response and manage email lists.
– How to use Feedburner.
– And much more!

In fact there will be over 40 videos that you can buy all at once, or in 3 monthly payments. Each video can be downloaded in various formats, Flash, WMV, MP4 (for iPods), and audio MP3 and PDF transcript.

They’ll initially only be available to purchase via my newsletter list, so sign up on the right hand side (click here if reading via RSS) to get the announcement and link to the sales page. Shortly after that they’ll be available to all!

Even more good news is on the way in the form of my affiliate scheme for these blog training videos and my Complete Blog Setup package. Stay tuned for further details when I have all the kinks worked out!

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