Get Videos For Your Blog

We keep getting told that video is the future of the internet. Well, that amongst other things, but I happen to agree that video is always important for your business website or blog.

It’s something I’m striving to do more of for my business, and now I have a baby son, more of in my personal life.

However getting these videos to look professional can be a challenge. Even with the relatively cheap software, editing and “composing” videos for use on your website, or to celebrate a family even, birthday or just because, can be time consuming and frustrating.

Creativity In Motion ( is a business that creates videos for your business, or for weddings or celebrations. They can create memories, or professional business videos from footage, photos, images etc that you already had.

There is no affiliate link from me, it’s just a great video service that is in need and I get asked about all the time.

One of the great services for your business are intros and outros – that is a little snippet at the start and end of your videos to give a professional touch to your videos. Your logo appearing with a sound or music, you’ve seen them on a lot of videos, but until now I haven’t known where you get them made. You can see samples here.

It’s time to dig out all those digital photos I’ve taken and actually do something with them!

Any questions, you can see their pricing on their site or email them for any questions.