Return Of Membership Site Mastermind

Well, I’m back from a short break and BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas. As always with these type of things, my head is buzzing full of ideas, I just need time to implement them!

If you’re on my email list you will have already heard it, but as we know, Membership sites are a popular way of making money online, and the model was talked about extensively at the conference. Coincidentally, my online friend Yaro Starak has announced he is re-opening the doors to Membership Site Mastermind next week.

I don’t promote many training courses, and all I do I have personally been on myself and this is no exception (my WordPress Blog Training Videos is the result).

He’s released a couple of videos in the past which are well worth watching. The one below is The Blue Sky Video, and there is also The Slide Show Video.

Membership video

As usual I offer no incentives (aka bribes) for signing up for this course through my affiliate link, I want you to sign up for it if you think it’s for you, will benefit you and help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Enjoy the videos though!

Oh, and if you notice something new about the comments, I’ve installed JS Kit Echo. They have to do a manual import of my old comments, but an enhanced service is now available, feel free to try it out! I’ll be writing a post on my experience with it another time.

Yes, I Set Up Membership Sites

A common question I’ve been getting after the release of the Membership Site Masterplan, is whether I set up Membership sites. Actually I’ve been doing this for a while using the technique Yaro suggests, it’s simply a slightly customized WordPress installation and I can do it as part of my usual packages, just let me know when you contact me.

Rethinking Membership Sites

If you think this post is going to be a promotion for Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Mastermind, then you’re half right.

Like almost everything I promote, I like to do a soft sell, and I like to have personal experience of the product. I’ve been through Membership Site Mastermind myself in it’s original form and enjoyed it a lot, though have yet to take action on it – and the course really benefits from taking action while you go along.

Today, Yaro launched his free report – Membership Site Masterplan that is a 72 page report that teaches how to plan, launch and profit from a successful membership site. It’s pure CONTENT, plus an invitation to join his six week membership site training course.

It will make you rethink membership sites, the software that is (or is not) required, and frankly, how easy they are to do. I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about membership sites and also about product launches and how they fit in with my client’s aspirations. I have the beginning of an idea that I think you’ll be interested in, but I will work on it and see – strangely enough it’s not a membership site…

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report