Blogging: The second toughest marriage you’ll experience

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Blogging: The second toughest marriage you’ll experience

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship and married, understands that being a husband or wife comes with a great deal of responsibility. Along with deciding who keeps their clothes where, and how each partner prefers to have their socks balled, is the implicit understanding that the relationship needs a number of things to make it work.

Without compromise on both sides, a healthy dose of passion, loyalty, time and investments of all kinds, marriages rarely succeed. Because of this, it’s understood that marriage can be tough, even while it remains one of our most celebrated and appreciated institutions. Some friends of mine recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary, and it got me to thinking about relationships overall, and the relationship we have with our blogs in particular.

It may seem a bit of a curve ball when I compare marriage with blogging, but bear with me and I’ll show you how the two things share a large number of similarities. Because blogging has been going on for a number of years now, it has become established in the same way as other more traditional marketing tools, and so now has the credibility of an international institution.

Instead of being regarded as a transient activity, the longevity of blogging has now given it some kudos, marking it out as a platform which is definitely here to stay.

Like marriage, many people approach blogging with some trepidation. Initially, we don’t know what to expect and feel wary about being trapped in a long-term commitment. We feel excited about the prospect of embarking on a new journey, but also concerned about how much we will need to give of ourselves to make things work.

When we start blogging, everything is tinted with the rose-colored glow of newness and excitement, but we soon realize that blogging, like marriage, takes far more work to succeed than we anticipated.

The following tips work for both marriage and blogging – feel free to apply them to either in order to make the most of your long-term relationship…

Give it time each day

Every blog, like marriage, needs a little investment, each and every day. The most successful blogs are the ones that have a committed person behind them, writing articles on a regular basis, checking in and making sure that the site is getting enough attention. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than becoming attached to a blog and then having to wait for a long time to see the next article or update. Out of date blogs are like neglected spouses – they get lonely, stop working on your behalf to support you, and soon fall by the wayside.

In the same way as you tell your partner that you love them each day, so it’s worth investing a small amount of time each day to your blog, to undertake basic management such as clearing spam or responding to comments, posting on other people’s sites, or keeping a watchful eye out for customer queries and requests.

Be honest

The old adage that honesty is the best policy is true of both marriages and blogging. Just as a partner has a keen eye for when you are skirting around the truth, so a lack of honesty when you deal with your customers will be blatantly apparent.

Be passionate

Passion is one of the best attributes which a great long-lasting marriage can ever ask for, and the same goes for a successful blog. The bets blogs out there are the ones that have a powerhouse of enthusiasm behind them, driving ideas and innovations forward and bringing new creative perspectives and a healthy dose of love to them. Blogging, like any other element of business, takes dedication and hard work.

However, if the blog owner has a real passion for their subject, it becomes easy for them to write great articles, enthuse about their chosen subject of interest, and engage their readers through their knowledge and positive approach.

Do the housework

Just as in a healthy and co-operative marriage, sometimes it’s important when we blog to undertake tasks which we are not fond of, simply to keep things running smoothly. A great example of this comes in the form of housework. Blogs need housework just like homes.

Take some time to shift your spam, check for spelling errors and broken links, clean out your filing system and protect against viruses and other online ‘dirt’ to keep your blog sparkling clean and running at optimum at all times.

No matter how much time you need to spend on the domestic side of your blogging activities, nothing will ever come close to tasks like ironing in terms of soul-destroying boredom, so take heart that things could always be worse!


The secret to a long and happy marriage is commitment; being prepared to put in time and care for the rest of your lives together. The same applies to blogging – setting up a blog is the first step to a long and happy relationship, which can bring dividends for many years to come.

By entering in to your blogging relationship for the long haul, and being prepared to give your attention, time and affection to your blog is the best technique you can use to make it work for you and your business in the future.

Get some space

All marriages benefit from each partner taking some time out and spending an evening now and then with friends. Similarly, when it comes to blogging successfully, getting space is a great way of seeing things in perspective, understanding how your blog is operating and where you need to go for future strategic direction.

People who spend all of their time on their blog, day and evening, not only lose sight of why they set up their blog in the first place (to support their business and buy free time!) but also run the risk of damaging their real marriage – the most important one!

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