Live Well 360° Redesign

Live Well 360

Sheila, another client of mine, has created a great website over at Live Well 360° that I thought you might be interested in.

Previously on a different blogging platform, we moved the blog onto the much easier (though yes, it’s still tricky sometimes!) WordPress format, and customized a new theme. She made this switch not just for design purposes, but for efficiency as well. It is now much easier for you to find specific content on the site, and easier for her to provide it!

The site has a great number of delicious looking recipes that are easy to print out and try. Sheila is a “self proclaimed foodie on a mission to live a life of health and prosperity, who over the past 4 years has finally realized how much the food we eat affects our overall well being”.

So, please take a look at her new site, it could be your path to wellness. She has started writing about her life story too. If you like what you read, why not leave her a comment, I’m sure she would be happy to hear from you!

Plenty more client blog profiles will be coming soon.

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