Top 5 Latest Link Building Strategies For Beginners

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Due to the great rise in competition, building sub-par links are not at all effective anymore. The modern world has become a lot more innovative as well as competitive at the same time. So, like all other things, our link building strategies also need to be optimized and highly innovated.

The most commonly used strategies

There are many different basic strategies that are highly viable to be used as some of the best link building strategies. They are as follows:
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  • Coining a new phrase and setting up a Google Alert system.
  • Manufacturing a particular resource and setting up alerts simultaneously.
  • Earning your link by updating content belonging to a good blog that you have come across.
  • Create a blog with an RSS feed.
  • Try to work with some of the best professionals in this field of work.
  • Always take time to research your competitors.
  • Set up a profile link designed for you.

There are innumerable numbers of strategies that can be greatly used in the lucrative link building processes. There are many websites along with professionals who provide information for such purposes. It is up to the ultimate link builder to opt for the strategies that he is sure will greatly benefit him.

The Top 5

The best professionals in the field of link building and search engine optimization can assist you with processes that will greatly increase the visibility of your website. Here are some of the latest and extremely effective strategies:

Making use of multiple domain links with deep link advantages

In almost all the productive cases, your link building process should greatly focus on volume. However, you should incorporate in your planning the concept of not resourcing all the available links form a particular single site all the time. In order to achieve the best results, you must always focus on getting different links from many different sites that appeal to you. Always make sure that you use the ingrained linking processes. This means that you should never provide links that will directly go towards your homepage. Instead, focus on creating links that direct to specific places on your website with specific images and information.

Use of social media

These days social media is something that does almost all the talking. In fact, in many cases news is released faster in social media than any commercial news providing site. Hence, social media is a very powerful tool that can greatly help you to spread links that lead to your website. There are many sites like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon through which you can share content easily and effectively. This process is highly effective because people interested in the content you shared will be ultimately lead back to your website. Hence, your strategy is a success.

Making use of Business directories as a link building strategy

This process is controversial as well as effective at the same time. Many experts have used this process and gained excellent results in attracting or linking people back to their website. The process of using business directories is mostly an underutilized technique. Hence, due to the lack of great competition, you can easily use this process and get your site literally on the online map.

Using an RSS feed

When you have had a blog that runs on WordPress, you will definitely possess an RSS feed. You can also get the various statistics regarding your subscribers by burning your feed on sites like Having an RSS feed gives you great perks and it is very simple and precise for link building. Using the RSS Footer Plug-in in WordPress, you can add a link after every post and you are sure to get a link back to your blog on your website.

Using Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the most effective as well as the strongest when it comes to using this tool as a link building strategy. Make sure that in order to gain the best ranking in terms of the SEO result, you greatly manipulate and exploit the usage of Anchor Text. This tool adds keywords in your text in the form of hyperlinks. People clicking on any of these keywords are directly linked to your website thereby increasing overall traffic.

In the art of Search Engine Optimization, you need to make your website visible and ultimately ranked through natural selection. This is done by the link building processes. Using relevant keywords, utilizing important link building strategies are just small steps in the bigger picture. Always try to increase your SEO rankings greatly by proving effective and precise links and not just links in greater bulk.

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