Blogging Guide Updated

Andrew and I have just updated our free blogging guide eBook – “The step by step approach to build a successful blog and making a blog income”.

With all the recent changes in Google’s algorithms and subsequent changes to certain plugins, we felt the time was right for an update.

Within the free blogging guide, we cover such subjects as:

  • How to manage your day as a blogger (i.e. the things you should do each day)
  • How to get your site indexed…fast
  • Choosing Your Niche (and why it’s crucial to get right)
  • Keyword Analysis (and the 3 key rules you MUST adhere to)
  • The must have Plugins (and how to tweak and install them for maximum effect)
  • How to publish your content for maximum SEO
  • How to secure your WordPress site
  • Making an income via your blog

If you have yet to download our free blogging guide and also get some extra tips that we don’t share on this blog, grab the free report below. You will also get my free guide to backing up WordPress – Save Your Site!

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How To Make Money Video Blogging

You may have seen a lot of people promoting Gideon Shalwick’s new free report called Rapid Video Blogging. It’s a brilliant 92 page report full of useful info that will help you move into the new era of video blogging. Nearly 11,000 people have downloaded it already!

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I’ve known Gideon for just about two years now, he actually introduced himself to me online and we formed a friendship. I still do work for him today (though had no hand in this product at all just to be clear!). He’s a master at YouTube and creating compelling, high quality videos and all his products so far have been top quality.

Because you’re smart you will have guessed, or heard, that the free report is a lead in to the launch of his Rapid Video Blogging course. As part of the launch he has some great content, such as the free report of course, and also you’ll get access to some free videos:

Behind-the-scenes: This is a behind-the-scenes look at super fast video creation. It’s 30 minutes long, so not a quickly thrown together video with no content! It takes you behind his home studio setup, showing you everything from lighting to editing to ‘getting comfortable’ tips.

Case Study: This is a real life case study of someone making a full time income from YouTube and her blog – 4,000 to 6,000 bucks per month and again is full of content at over 35 minutes long.

If you haven’t already downloaded the report you can do from the video pages too.

Now I really believe in Gideon’s teaching and his method and have personally seen a small part of what he plans to provide for the course. He has put together a very comprehensive video course that shows you, exactly step-by-step what you need to do to help you successfully implement your very own Rapid Video Blogging system.

My bonus to you

It could be called a bribe, but as it’s extremely complementary, they’re almost two parts of the same whole.

My Income Blogging Guide course that I run with Andrew from We Build Your Blog teaches you step-by-step how to create an income from your blog, monetizing it, and creating your own products for sale. It covers building the blog that Gideon uses as one of his three foundations for your “Video Domination Hub”, and also one of the other three parts (see his report for what that is!).

You see, we contacted Gideon and he said that he doesn’t go into the detail our course does for blog building. “Your course would be an excellent companion as a bonus for people.”

Check out what our course offers by going here:, plus it includes a free premium WordPress theme and the best support in the business.

But don’t buy our course… get it for free by grabbing Gideon’s course.

How to claim your bonus

1) Join Rapid Video Blogging using this link only
[By signing up with this affiliate link I do earn a commission.]

2) After buying Gideon’s course just send us your ClickBank receipt and we’ll get you hooked up to our course immediately. Email us at with a copy of your receipt and we will set you up with access within two days.

Please note: If you cancel your Rapid Video Blogging membership, it will also cancel your Income Blogging Guide membership.

That’s it. Buy one course get another free but only if you buy via this link

If you have any questions at all please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

Podcast: How Income Blogging Guide Can Help You With Debbie Bills

This week I have a great audio interview that Andrew and I did with one of our wonderful Income Blogging Guide members, Debbie Bills from Happy Maker Now. It’s only about 22 minutes long and will give you more background on what you can expect from becoming a member of our blogging course. If you’d rather read it than listen to it, there is a full transcript below. Thanks again Debbie!

(Press the Play symbol above to listen. If you can’t see the button, click here.)

Andrew: Hello there, we’ve got Andrew Rondeau and Joel Williams from the Income Blogging Guide Membership Course and today we are gonna be throwing several questions to our guests today and its Debbie. Now Debbie should tutor you about herself in a moment. Now Debbie’s been a member of our course for the last 18 weeks or so. So, I’m now going to introduce you to Debbie, and she is just going to tell you a little bit about her background. So Debbie just tell us a little bit about your background, your career, and maybe a little bit about your blog and what niche and that sort of thing.

Debbie: Ok, career-wise, when I was in the corporate world, I work in more the accounting field. I did take up years to raise 3 daughters that I have. And then when I went back to work it was in the accounting field. Many in card dealership, however, about 5 years ago, the dealership I was working in changed management, and the management wanted to bring in their own people so furthermore I wasn’t around. I decided, oh it took me about two to three months, didn’t really wanna get back in to the workforce. One day I decided I wanted to make a website dealing with happiness. Yeah, my family thought I was crazy, my husband thought I was crazy due to the fact that I really didn’t like computers or know anything about them. And that’s when I started my journey on trying to build my website.

Andrew: What made you choose happiness?

Debbie: All of the things that I had been through in my life, raising my children as a single parent and finding out what happiness really is and it is just the simple things in life and I decided I wanted to express that to people because I see so many people out there just struggling and getting caught up in the material world. And that’s just not worth at.

Andrew: So, what’s your domain name? Tell us your domain name and when did you start this? You said you left the corporate world about 5 years ago. It took you 2 to 3 months to make a decision. So, when did you start this?

Debbie: I started this, I’m thinking back now. About 2004. Coz it took me awhile to try to find somebody to help me get the website together. And I learned a lot in that process too. My domain name, I’ve actually went through several of them but now its, I did start out making happy shirts, yeah, that worked for a while. But I learned a lot.

Andrew: So is your current domain name?

Debbie: Yes, it is.

Andrew: So, over the last, 2004 I think you said, so that’s 6 years ago. So from 6 years ago you started out, what made you come to the Income Blogging Guide Membership Course in only 3 months ago rather than, and so what have you been doing in those past 5 years?

Debbie: In those 5 years, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and I have ben doing a lot of research and trying to learn how to build a site, who to get to help me build a site. As I said before I am not very technical about things. And I have gone into some of the courses that they’ve offered over the internet. I have found that yes I have learnt more as I go along but there was a lot of the details, the small details that not being very technical, I was having trouble following. And trying to set up the site like I needed to set it up. I had no idea how to do any of the social networking or anything like that or even the you needed to do this. And so I knew I was missing stuff and I went to this 1 course that did kind of point me in the right direction and then I came upon you guys.

Andrew: Ok so you’ve already invested some of your money in other products and other courses . So why then invest in another course? Why then think, ok I now need to go and join our course? Why did you think that?

Debbie: Because when I was reading your blogposts, both of you guys, it was giving me information. And it was giving it to me in simple words. It was guiding me, showing me examples, telling me the exact steps in what you might say layman terms and not computer terms. Kinda like a doctor you know, telling you what’s wrong with you and he uses all these big terms and you’re not understanding it. You say you put it in English and you guys were doing this for me. Just by reading your blogs and the information you’re putting out there.

Andrew: So why didn’t you just carry on reading our blogs rather than buying our course?

Debbie: Because I needed all the information and help I could get. I was determined not to give up and with the information you were giving me on our site, it was telling me that your course, you would know what you are talking about and I wasn’t wrong on this.

Andrew: Alright so, yeah that’s really good and I’m still curious on this other bit where you say you’ve tried other courses, so what are they not telling you what to do, what are they not telling you?

Debbie: They were telling me what to do but not how to do it.

Andrew: Right, so it’s the how to.

Debbie: Step by step.

Andrew: Give us an example.

Debbie: I’m the type of person that needs a manual you might say, a step by step guide. I can watch a video and write down the steps, you know, steps that way. But when I got into you guy’s course. I found is that you’d show me the video but also you would print it out and pardon the expression, use arrows to where I needed to go. And I need a complete roadmap when it comes to the technical stuff with the computer.

Andrew: Right. Okay. So throughout your, some of your courses, you’ve mentioned that technical aspect and that sort of thing. It sounds like that’s how the course has helped you. Would that be right to say?

Debbie: Yeah, you know, because somebody would say you need a plugin and I’m saying ok what’s a plug-in? You guys, you know, in other courses I’ve taken they would say you know, you need a plugin, you needed to add rss feeder and so on and so forth. And I’m saying what is it? And you guys would bring up a subject like that and then you would explain exactly what it is, how to use it and how to put it into your site. And that was the part that I was not getting this from other courses, you know, I needed the stuff but I didn’t know what it was.

Andrew: Yeah, Okay. I understand that. I can understand that. And I think that was the whole point that Joel and I came up with the membership course, so, that gap was missing. Coz Joel and I are a very, we’ve done it all in the same switch we share and we know how to tweak them and how to implement them and those sort of thing and I think that was the reason that we found so many people wanting that technical how to do it side. Rather than just install this and off you go. So, I can understand that. So, out of the weeks on the course that you’ve covered so far. If you can, I’m gonna say customize your mind back to all those weeks. What do you think you see, the one or two things which you’ve really enjoyed or really learnt from. The most important things you’ve learned from over those last 16, 17 weeks.

Debbie: Ok, it started with pointing me out on doing keywords, which you have to start to kinda build a platform and then going on down to doing, setting up the blog like it needs to be setup and now I am in the part of also creating the content for the blog because you do, in the course, you do both through in exactly how to do this, you give examples of words to use, when you need to highlight things so on and so forth, using the pictures, using links to link different things in your blog. Setting up your blogposts like it needs to be setup to get your traffic and then also right now it’s going to getting that traffic. Before, you know I could put something up there but nobody would read it. And you guys are teaching me how to get people read what I am putting up. I am starting to get, I am getting comments back on my site. And I do need to bring in some income which is coming because of the way you guys are teaching this course and teaching me how to use my affiliates to bring in that income and how to build my own product. And that’s what you did for me.

Andrew: So, it sounds like you’ve experienced some benefit. Coz you know Joel and I always say from the very outset of our course. Blogging is hard work. You know, making an income via your blogging, your online business is really, really hardwork. You gotta work at it not all day everyday but you gotta work at it at certain number of hours everyday.

Debbie: But you guys have made it fun. I do want to put that in. You guys have made it fun because of the map that you give a person to use.

Andrew: Right. Yeah. Ok. Ok. I can see what you’re saying from that side. Because you’re only in the first few weeks of the course. That it sounds like what you said was that you’re getting more traffic, you’re getting, you’re building up relationships from comments and that sort of things. Although its small, some income is starting to come in, although it’s small. But let’s just say, Joel and I are very open in our sales technique, whether it’s the wrong thing to do, I don’t know, but the ethical thing to say is that don’t expect income overnight. When you start your online business, when you start in any blogging career, something like that, it takes a good 4, 5, 6 months blast of doing things via the plan which we gave you, each day everyday to create that income and. We’ve, Joel and I have gone through those pain periods but it’s having that plan and getting there eventually. So, go on, go on…

Debbie: See, that is what I appreciate because you guys are not leading me astray, that this is gonna be done overnight and you can, like you read some of these sites, the gurus and stuffs like that, you can do this, you can do that. No, you guys are in the real world. Yes, it’s hardwork but it’s fun and there’s no just trying to sell somebody something.

Andrew: I’m not gonna backfire on us to a certain degree, there are obviously people that who won’t buy our products or our membership course because we don’t overhype and we son;t say you’re gonna be owning a thousand dollars by next week because there are some products out there which do say that. And they’re more inclined to go and buy those but we don’t wanna work with people like that, we wanna work with people who we try and manage personal expectation, who are in for the long run. So that’s why we try and have that sort of approach. You mentioned quite a few times the good things about this course and I thank you for that. What hasn’t matched your expectations? What would you like Joel and I to do more of or differently or anything like that.

Debbie: Oh there are some weeks on you give the guide every week at the end of the plan for the week, should I say.

Andrew: Yeah.

Debbie: And sometimes I’m looking at that and say, Ok, they have this and that, oooh, ok, how am I gonna get all this done? And sometimes I think it’s a little too fast but for some people it probably would be. But due to the fact that this is all, it’s like learning a new language to me. I have to kind of not get discouraged because maybe it’s going too fast and what I am finding in that aspect is if I do get a little behind, I can go back on my downloads that you’ve given me and you know break it down a little bit for my self each day that way too.

Andrew: Right. Ok.

Debbie: So sometimes, it’s just maybe you know I can’t go back fast but hey, I’m working on it.

Andrew: Yeah, without defending it too much. There’s a lot to cram in. You know, there’s a lot to cram in six months if, coz the course isn’t just about blogging, it’s basically providing, you know, at the end of the six months, you have your own online business and running it like a business and if you look at your, and blogging is just, blogging is just one aspect of that. Coz you know the whole point of it is to generate an income for you. So you have to look at it from an online business and to, to provide you with all of the information and all the different aspects and topics covered in creating your own online business. There’s a lot to cram in in six months. So, yeah, sometimes the lessons are pretty meaty, pretty big. It’s quite weird because other people say it’s not fast enough. You know we’ve had one or two comments where its saying people are saying, can we have all of the lessons in one go. That’s what they’re saying. So, we’re all different, I can now say, some people are being overwhelmed in some weeks and some people want it a little bit faster and it’s just getting that balance right. So….sorry, go on.

Debbie: What’s nice about that though Andrew is the fact that if, like for me being a little slower, I can still go back and pick up the information because of the downloads that I get from your course.

Andrew: Yeah, and another, another plug, if I may, is don’t forget that once you have, I’m just gonna say graduated, I would say graduated from the six months course, you still have access to Joel and I for all your questions forever with no extra cost. So, I know there’s something like a mark in your statement and a bit of a plug but it’s true, you know, at the end of the six months, you’ve paid your fee per month for 6 months and then after you pay no more but you still get access to Joel and I for your questions and you’re right, go back to a lesson if you’re not too sure about that come and ask us. So, you know, that’s the whole point of, you know that, Joel and I are very much into, we like to help people, we like to provide the best customer service we possibly can and we like to respond to feedback as well and that’s why we’re so open on, you know, give us the feedback, how can we do things better. Now, before we go, what, you said some great things about the course, you said how you’re benefiting from the extra traffic and the extra comments and that sort of thing and also just starting to bring in a small amount of income although it’s small. If was sitting on the fence, I, let me put, I haven’t, let’s pretend I haven’t purchased the course and I’m thinking about purchasing it. What would you say to someone who is thinking about investing in the course.

Debbie: I would let them know that for the last 6 years I’ve went through 3 different people trying to get a website and a blog setup, I have spent money that, I got something out of it but not what I should have and the system that I find with you guys, this course that you guys have is like buying into a franchise because you have every step from the technical to the marketing to the making product, you have every step in this course for somebody to succeed with. And if you buy a franchise, they’re going to also let you know you’re not gonna make money immediately, you have to take it step by step to set it up. And that is exactly what you guys, it’s like you’re helping people build a franchise from your knowledge.

Andrew: Right, Yeah. That’s quite a good way to put it. I quite like that.
You know I do want you guys to get a big hit or anything but hey, you’re good.
Well thanks Debbie, I really appreciate your time and thanks for asking all of that questions, I know there’s 2 more weeks to go before you sort of graduate. And I know that you’ve done certain things so far just so to keep up with everything. So thanks once again. It’s Andrew and Joel from Income Blogging Guide and we’ve been speaking to Debbie Bills from and thanks for the smart choice and be with you all very, very soon. Thanks. Bye

Debbie: Thank You.

Andrew: Thanks.

Fancy An iPod Nano?

Last week I told you that Income Blogging Guide has re-opened and to help promote it you have a chance to win an 8G iPod Nano (5th Generation – worth $125).

All you need to do is download our free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint.

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Please Note: There are no images of mansions or flashy cars, just the exact details of how you will benefit from the course.

Here’s the link: Income Blogging Guide Membership course.

Feedback on Income Blogging Guide

At the start of the year I was proud to co-create the free multi-media Income Blogging Guide along with Andrew from We Build Your Blog.

Each day we have a double figure number of people who download the guide is easily in double figures and the feedback has been fantastic.

We receive unsolicited comments about the guide all the time, and we also ask for feedback, so a mixture of the two are below.


Elie Kochman (owner of Optimal Upgrades) said “So check it out, it can help you get up and running as fast as you can read!”

You can read Elie’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Stephanie Jewett (owner of Nursing Comments) said, “I highly recommend this study packet to ease the frustration of starting your own blog!”

You can read Stephanie’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Monique Hrebeniuk (owner of  moniqueschlosser) said, “I have never found a better resource material for understanding how to set up a blog successful than this one.  I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start a blog or for people like me who figured it out on her own but was missing a few things.”

You can read Monique’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Kenny Loh (owner of im2financialfreedom) said, “You can find instructions on how to choose your niche, how to do keyword analysis, how to get a domain and hosting, how to install a blogging platform, how to post a content and also learn how to make money from blogging.”

You can read Kenny’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Debbie Bills (owner of Happy Maker) said, “Other courses just give you the basics then you get to read between the lines and figure out the rest. You have included the stuff most people miss and I am very grateful. Your course makes me actually feel smarter. It is like having GPS that tells you exactly when to turn and which way to turn.”

Income Blogging Guide

Kevin Pavilonis (owner of vinfit90) said, “they get right into the meat of things such as blogging platforms, keyword analysis, getting a domain, hosting. Oh and they even go through setting up your own wordpress – step by step with multiple screen shots which makes it really nice especially if your new to this sort of thing. The list goes on and on but hey I’m not going to retype the whole report here, go get your own!

You can read Kevin’s full blog post about our free guide here:


John (owner of said, “You go into great detail on some of those tricky points, especially around downloading and installing WordPress, and with plugins.”


There are, of course, some, er, stranger comments that we receive, and Andrew goes into details about those on his blogging guide post.

The guide is available from Income Blogging Guide for free.

Three Resources To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Another video for you this week. There are numerous free reports released every week it seems, but there is some great stuff in the middle of it all. The quick (just over 2 minutes) video below covers:

  • Blog Traffic Fisher is a new free 5 day course to help you get more traffic for your blog quickly. Very good stuff.
  • Nathan Hangen has grouped two years of expert posts into a free ebook, you don’t even need to sign up to get it. There is a premium version available for purchase too.
  • Income Blogging Guide Blueprint – The course has closed but our free 95 page report is still available, so if you haven’t got a copy it’s free and contains no affiliate links.

Oh and apologies for the brief cut at the end, my camera battery died halfway through the next sentence so I clipped it early.

Tired Of The Same Old Promises?

My course (along with Andrew of course), Income Blogging Guide closes at 11.59pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday 27th January 2010). We won’t be taking any new members for at least a few months so we can concentrate on our hard working current members and give them the best support possible. At least you won’t hear from me for a while.

If you want some realistic promises and expectations, take a look now, or all you’ll be stuck with over the next few months is Gabe and Max’s internet thing (see video below). Quality stuff.

Want A Free Premium Theme?

As an extra bonus, when you join the Income Blogging Guide Course, we will install a WordPress Premium Theme on your blog for free. More details are in the quick video below and the text afterwards.

Premium themes make the managing of your blog much, much easier. They are more flexible. They make changes to your blog much easier. They save you time and they improve the Search Engine Optimization of your blog.

And that’s why so many people buy them and rave about them.

But you don’t have to buy the premium theme… we will and we’ll install it for you as well…all for free, after you join the Income Blogging Guide Course

The premium themes on offer for free are:

The Headway Theme (value $87) – Click here for more information: Headway Theme

The Flexx Theme (value $79.95) – Click here for more information: Flexx Theme

This is an extra, unadvertised bonus on top of the 5 bonuses promised already.

All you have to do is come and join us at the Income Blogging Guide Course, choose which Theme you’d like and we’ll install it for you – all for free.

We also have the Thesis Theme on offer for just $40 including installation. If you were to purchase the Thesis Theme yourself it would cost you $87 plus installation.

You can have the one theme of your choice installed on an existing blog or a brand new blog…the choice is yours.

Now that’s a bonus worth having!

Join up now and get your extra bonus of a free premium theme. Here’s the link to join: Income Blogging Guide Course

The sales page doesn’t mention the free theme bonus but that’s because it is an unadvertised bonus (until now!).

Income Blogging Guide Course – Survey Results Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s blog post regarding our recent survey results, today we’d like to share with you the responses to the second question:

What are your 3 biggest desires from an online course like the Income Blogging Course?

Again, we took the answers and created the following categories and the percentage shows the number of answers for that category.

Ease of use 51%

Over half of those who responded wanted the course to be easy to use and follow.

Responses like:

“Easy step by step instructions”

“Clear steps for those new to coding.”

“Getting all the details so it’s a cinch to do it myself.”

“Real examples that we can see live”

“A step by step action list. What do I need to do first, then what, then what…”

“To have enough information to get started but not be overwhelmed”

“Step me through in baby steps. A set of task to complete before the next lesson”

So many mentioned the words “step-by-step” and that’s exactly what we have made it. The course is delivered in weekly lessons. Each lesson details exactly what tasks you should carry out that week which move you closer to making an income via blogging. The tasks are provided via text, screen shots and videos.

Within the course we are building a brand new blog as part of the course so you’ll be able to see our progress as we go.

This comment really summed up the feeling of the majority of comments:

“I’m too tired…put me on the right path without the lies, BS and don’t tell me “it’s sooo easy”. Way too many of the “Guru’s” coach to the advanced person, leaving the rest of us in the dark”

We are not saying it’s easy but with the course and our crucial ‘success’ bonuses we are making it as easy as possible.

Technical Support – 26%

26% of you wanted a strong support system in place for when you get stuck with the technical details.

We listened and we are just finalizing some crucial ‘success’ bonuses that will provide what we believe is one of the best support systems around.

We are working hard and can’t say more until we have finalized the bonuses – sorry!

Income 11%

Of course, you want to make some extra income via blogging. That’s the whole point of the course!

This is a great response:

“No nonsense, just straight talk without the BS, on how to be online, blogging & earning an income”

It’s been an eye opener for Andrew and I during these last few weeks. We have come across so many people who say, “Just give us what works. No BS, no padding, no promising the earth, no promising us boat-loads of cash…just tell us exactly what we could be earning without exaggerating. A little extra income would be really helpful”.

We’ve had so many emails and responses from people who have wasted their money on $27 products where you see people standing in front of their flashy cars and big mansions on their sales pages. Such products have sucked in so many people.

Andrew and I have taken a different approach and we know we shall lose some sales as a result of it. Those sales pages that promise the earth, obviously sell but we decided to be upfront with you. You wanted no BS. So we tell you up front. We told you in yesterday’s post and we are gong to tell you again today…

The “Income Blogging Guide” is about showing you how to build your own on-line business and generating an income BUT the course is NOT a quick way to generate income. You are not going to earn an income on autopilot with no work whatsoever. If you believe that you can make fast money blogging then this is NOT the course for you.

We have never met anyone who has made fast money by blogging.

To make an income via blogging you’re going to have to work hard.

If you think you are going to retire on millions of dollars overnight…this is not the course for you.

If you think you are going to build an on-line business overnight…this is not the course for you.

What the course does show you is how to build a solid on-line Internet business that will generate income for you on autopilot AND enable you to reduce your working hours so you get some freedom and time back into your life…but NOT overnight AND it will take some hard work.


Time 5%

5% of you want us to help you free up your time so you get some freedom back. Again, being totally honest with you, it will take you a few months of hard work before you start being able to free up some of your time.

But you will get some freedom back by following our weekly lessons. One of the stages is dedicated to Outsourcing, which is absolutely crucial if you want to gain some extra time in your lives to enable you to do anything you wish.

Traffic – 4%

4% of you said …“How to get lots of traffic to my blog?” (or similar)

The same answer as yesterday…

You may have the best blog in the world but without traffic no one will ever see it.

We show you the exact steps to take to gain as much traffic as possible for your blog. In fact, one of the stages within the course is entitled “Easy Traffic Generation”. It can be easy when you know how to generate traffic. The traffic at this blog has grown by over 500% in the last 6 months alone. We only use the tactics we know are proven to gain you more traffic.

Cost – 3%

Andrew and I spent many hours discussing the cost of the course, especially after your responses. It was very interesting that only 3% of you responded with a ‘cost’ type desire.

Two of you who responded wanted the course for free.

Sorry to disappoint but it won’t be free.

When you see the price I believe you’ll agree it’s very affordable for what you will be getting in return.

Remember this is not a $97 pdf guide simply giving you all the theory about blogging.

We cover blogging including article writing, list building, traffic generation, product creation and launching, copywriting and outsourcing.

How much would you pay to have your own on-line business automatically generating you an extra income and allowing you to free up some time?




Are we happy with the results of survey?

Most definitely. Again thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. Your opinions have helped us shape the course for the better.

If you have anything to add or just respond, feel free to add your input through the comments below.

The Income Blogging Guide goes live on Wednesday 6th Jan. Click here to check out all the details:
Income Blogging Guide

Income Blogging Guide Course – Survey Results Part 1

Back in December Andrew and I asked for some help in preparation for our Income Blogging Guide Course.

The course is focused on helping individuals and small businesses make a full time income via blogging while working part-time and get some freedom back into their lives.

This is exactly the position both Andrew and I are in now, and the course is a total brain dump of our years of making a living on-line.

HOWEVER, we needed some help. We wanted to be sure we had covered everything that individuals expected from such a course.

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. We really appreciate it.

This is the feedback we received. The first question in the survey was:

What are your top questions about making an income via blogging that we MUST include in this course?

By asking this question we wanted to make sure the course covered everything people were looking for in such a course.

We took the answers and created the following categories and the percentage shows the number of answers for that category.

Blog Technicalities – 41%

41% of the questions were related to you wanting the technicalities of blogging made easy.

We realize that a lot of individuals would love to blog but they get stuck with the technical side of blogging. Andrew and I have invested huge amounts of time and money learning the technical side of blogging.

The fact most blogging courses don’t cover the technical side is one of the main reasons we created the course.

Other courses may say, for example, install this great plugin. Our course not only tells you but also shows you via screen shots and videos. Sometimes installing a plugin but not making the necessary tweaks and adjustments can make your blog worse.

We received comments like:

“Make the techie stuff understandable”

“Address all the technical aspects of setting up a blog”

“Understanding the technical side of blogging. The coding and the plugins that help make my blog easier, cleaner and overall more productive”


“How to get Google to increase the Page Rank of your site”

“Make sure I know the mechanics of uploading, downloading, posting, adding video, images”

“How to quickly identify the best key words”

“What are the best SEO techniques?”

“How to find the easiest cheapest shopping cart.”

“How to capture a customer base in easy steps”

“What can I do to make everyone know about my blog?”

“How to optimize my blog to get the most best from the content”

We have gone to great lengths to show you the exact technical steps to take when building and maintaining your blog. You’ll never feel alone again!

Exactly how to make an income via blogging – 34%

The second highest response is in relation to making money.

Comments like:

“Where is the best place to start? I.e. Google Ads, affiliate products, own products?”

“How to maximise monetization without compromising ethical values or falling foul of the FTC”

“What are the best avenues of income?”

“What can a person realistically expect to make from blogging?”

“What are the BASIC, ESSENTIAL things to have in place in order to start making some money? “

“What is the best step by step method to make money via blogging?”

“How to correctly, efficiently and quickly create affiliate income”

We may lose many customers as a result of the following message…

The “Income Blogging Guide” is all about generating an income BUT the course is NOT a quick way to generate income. You are not going to earn an income on autopilot with no work whatsoever. If you believe that you can make fast money blogging then this is NOT the course for you.

We have never met anyone who has made fast money by blogging.

To make an income via blogging you’re going to have to work hard.

If you think you are going to retire on millions of dollars overnight…this is not the course for you.

If you think you are going to build an on-line business overnight…this is not the course for you.

What the course does show you is how to build a solid on-line Internet business that will generate income for you on autopilot AND enable you to reduce your working hours so you get some freedom and time back into your life…but NOT overnight AND it will take some hard work.


How to gain more traffic – 12%

12% of you asked the same (or very similar) question:

“How to get lots of traffic to my blog?”

You may have the best blog in the world but without traffic no one will ever see it.

We show you the exact steps to take to gain as much traffic as possible for your blog. In fact, one of the stages within the course is entitled “Easy Traffic Generation”. It can be easy when you know how to generate traffic. We only use the tactics we know are proven to gain you more traffic.

How to pick the right niche – 4%

4% of the responses were specific about finding the best niche. It’s true – finding the right niche is one of most crucial steps when blogging. Get it wrong and you are wasting all your future efforts and money.

We both know bloggers who are working 12 to 18 hours a day and not making a dime and all because they have picked a niche that just does not sell on-line.

Finding the best niche is so crucial, the first lesson of the Income Blogging Guide Course is dedicated to helping you find the right niche for your blog.

How much time will this take? – 4 %

4% percent of you were concerned over the amount of time it would take to start generating an income.

“How much time needs to be devoted each week in being able to earn an income from blogging?”

The Income Blogging Guide course is delivered in weekly lessons. We expect each lesson to take between 5 and 10 hours per week to complete.

There are numerous factors that determine how much money you make via blogging. Most of all, how much effort you put in. As we say above and want to re-iterate…The “Income Blogging Guide” course is NOT a “get rich quick” course.

We don’t and will not promise you will make millions of dollars. We can confidently say you should be able to make $500.00 a month by the end of the course but we cannot guarantee that as there are so many factors involved.

But once you learn what works and what doesn’t work, increasing your monthly income from $500.00 to $1000.00 to $2000.00+ is much easier, while working the same number of hours.

Copywriting – 2%

To make money via blogging you need some marketing skills and that includes Copywriting. That’s why we have included a complete section on Copywriting. Not only does the course show you how to create your own products we show you how to sell your products via Copywriting.

Outsourcing – 3%

Outsourcing is crucial if you want to enjoy the freedom that blogging can give you and that’s why we dedicate a complete section on outsourcing.

Imagine you wake up whenever you feel like… stroll down to the local coffee house, open your laptop and check your bank balance. It’s grown by $200.00 or $500.00 or perhaps $1000.00.

You read a few emails, scan your Twitter account and check your blog stats. You talk to your outsourcers, making sure that they understand what you want them to do today.

You see, The Income Blogging Guide Course is not just about blogging. It shows you exactly how to build your own on-line business and when you have your own on-line business along with outsourcing, you can spend your time doing exactly what you want.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, we really appreciate it. With your responses we have extended the course and made it bigger, plus we have added some crucial support bonuses…more details to follow.

Tomorrow, we’ll cover the second question from the survey:

What are your 3 biggest desires from an online course like this?

If you have anything to add or just respond, feel free to add your input through the comments below.

The Income Blogging Guide goes live on Wednesday 6th Jan. Click here to check out all the details:
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