How To Make Money Video Blogging

You may have seen a lot of people promoting Gideon Shalwick’s new free report called Rapid Video Blogging. It’s a brilliant 92 page report full of useful info that will help you move into the new era of video blogging. Nearly 11,000 people have downloaded it already!

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I’ve known Gideon for just about two years now, he actually introduced himself to me online and we formed a friendship. I still do work for him today (though had no hand in this product at all just to be clear!). He’s a master at YouTube and creating compelling, high quality videos and all his products so far have been top quality.

Because you’re smart you will have guessed, or heard, that the free report is a lead in to the launch of his Rapid Video Blogging course. As part of the launch he has some great content, such as the free report of course, and also you’ll get access to some free videos:

Behind-the-scenes: This is a behind-the-scenes look at super fast video creation. It’s 30 minutes long, so not a quickly thrown together video with no content! It takes you behind his home studio setup, showing you everything from lighting to editing to ‘getting comfortable’ tips.

Case Study: This is a real life case study of someone making a full time income from YouTube and her blog – 4,000 to 6,000 bucks per month and again is full of content at over 35 minutes long.

If you haven’t already downloaded the report you can do from the video pages too.

Now I really believe in Gideon’s teaching and his method and have personally seen a small part of what he plans to provide for the course. He has put together a very comprehensive video course that shows you, exactly step-by-step what you need to do to help you successfully implement your very own Rapid Video Blogging system.

My bonus to you

It could be called a bribe, but as it’s extremely complementary, they’re almost two parts of the same whole.

My Income Blogging Guide course that I run with Andrew from We Build Your Blog teaches you step-by-step how to create an income from your blog, monetizing it, and creating your own products for sale. It covers building the blog that Gideon uses as one of his three foundations for your “Video Domination Hub”, and also one of the other three parts (see his report for what that is!).

You see, we contacted Gideon and he said that he doesn’t go into the detail our course does for blog building. “Your course would be an excellent companion as a bonus for people.”

Check out what our course offers by going here:, plus it includes a free premium WordPress theme and the best support in the business.

But don’t buy our course… get it for free by grabbing Gideon’s course.

How to claim your bonus

1) Join Rapid Video Blogging using this link only
[By signing up with this affiliate link I do earn a commission.]

2) After buying Gideon’s course just send us your ClickBank receipt and we’ll get you hooked up to our course immediately. Email us at with a copy of your receipt and we will set you up with access within two days.

Please note: If you cancel your Rapid Video Blogging membership, it will also cancel your Income Blogging Guide membership.

That’s it. Buy one course get another free but only if you buy via this link

If you have any questions at all please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

Become A Blogger Gets Even Better

Become A Blogger is a great video site that shows how to become a blogger using videos and simple instructions (previously I’ve mentioned it here). Created by Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick their videos have been downloaded over 60,000 times.

I refer a lot of my clients to the site and is the reason I don’t have any instruction videos myself – it is difficult to get better than this! However Yaro and Gideon, both of who I have the pleasure of knowing, are going one step further and launching Become A Blogger Premium on December 4th. It’s a six month course and is only $27 per month in the first week. There are no confusing upsells, downsells or one-time offers that usually plague these sort of launches. A straight plain offer.

To promote it, they have released a FREE blogging roadmap report that goes live today. It describes and teaches you about the 5 milestones you must reach to become a successful blogger, and I’ve read a sneak preview. If you think you’ll have read/heard it all before you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve read a LOT of free (and paid-for) blogging reports, courses and information, and this report had at least 3 “new-to-me” actions that I went and did immediately, taking less than 15 minutes. For most there will be several “that’s a great idea” moments, and even some “that’s brilliant!” – and all for free!

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

I’ll write with more information before the launch, in the meantime, grab the report and watch the free videos if you feel you will learn something. This will give you an idea to how the course will look and feel if you did decide to go ahead and take it. Any questions, as always, please let me know.