Keeping The Faith

If you have been blogging for a while, it can sometimes feel as if you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to breaking through in your chosen industry and making a real impression with your blog. It could be that you have been posting up articles for a while now, and you still haven’t managed to generate any revenue as a direct result of your work. It could also be that your readership hasn’t seemed to increase for a while, and no matter how hard you slog you still can’t seem to get the comments and feedback which you deserve.

Regardless of how you got to this point, it can be difficult to stay positive in the face of what may seem to be constant disappointment in your blog. After you’ve spent a long time writing a killer article, only to see that it’s been read by only a handful of people, you may sometimes feel like giving it all up and taking on a new marketing opportunity for your business. However, it’s important to remember that no blog is beyond redemption, and with a little faith you will be able to bring your site up the rankings and get the positive response which it deserves.

When you look at the people who have succeeded in the blogosphere, most of them all have something in common. The following tips are designed to support you to get your blog back on track, taking inspiration from some of the best bloggers out there…

Is something doesn’t work, change it

No-one benefits from keeping on doing the same thing day after day, if it doesn’t work. While it’s good to be positive, you may find that a change in direction could be just what your blog needs to flourish. Work out what your best keywords are for the search engine rankings, and make some shifts in the right direction by targeting these – and see your readership slowly creep up.

Ask what’s not working, and find out what is

It’s a great idea to get feedback on your blog from the people who know it best – your readers. Don’t be afraid to ask how your customers would like to see your blog grow and develop, and have faith that they will give you sound advice which will support you to make your blog a success.

Give it time

If you are a newbie blogger, don’t expect everything to click in to place right away. Some of the most famous bloggers out there have taken years to polish their craft and make it big in the world of online marketing, and you may be no exception. Try and see blogging as an iterative process that builds and grows gradually, and have faith that in time you will be a success.

Trust your blog to work on your behalf

Regardless of what you may read by other veteran bloggers, the whole business isn’t rocket science. Your blog is a well-behaved beast, capable of getting you customers while you sleep, and working tirelessly on your behalf to promote you, your business and brand even while you are out focusing on other things. Trust your blog and have faith in it, and eventually it will prove to be worth the investment which you have put in.