eBook Review: How To Write A Brilliant Blog

I love promoting useful and relevant products and services that clients have created. Carole Seawert has done just that in her new eBook “How To Write A Brilliant Blog“.

While I focus on the technical side of blogging, the important side is always the content and the eBook concentrates on how to turn your blog posts from average to excellent. It’s more of an eCourse than and eBook as it is 20 chapters in five sections, but is self-paced with no webinars or deadlines to be pressured by.

Section one is about Getting started where Carole takes you through the basics of why to blog, how to chose your target audience and actually what you will be blogging about! Section two offers great tips and checklists for your writing and helps provide structure for you. The next sections deal with the writing process, avoiding distractions and how to keep going in the lean times, finished off with building your audience and a list of useful resources.

The eBook is a working resource which you can print off and has actionable sections and exercises for you to fill in and refer back to that will help you with all aspects of producing worthwhile content for your blog or website.

How to Write a Brilliant Blog is nearly 60 pages of beautifully designed and immediately practical information.

Genuinely one of the best resources on writing for your blog that I’ve seen, you can find further details here.

Blogging Guide Updated

Andrew and I have just updated our free blogging guide eBook – “The step by step approach to build a successful blog and making a blog income”.

With all the recent changes in Google’s algorithms and subsequent changes to certain plugins, we felt the time was right for an update.

Within the free blogging guide, we cover such subjects as:

  • How to manage your day as a blogger (i.e. the things you should do each day)
  • How to get your site indexed…fast
  • Choosing Your Niche (and why it’s crucial to get right)
  • Keyword Analysis (and the 3 key rules you MUST adhere to)
  • The must have Plugins (and how to tweak and install them for maximum effect)
  • How to publish your content for maximum SEO
  • How to secure your WordPress site
  • Making an income via your blog

If you have yet to download our free blogging guide and also get some extra tips that we don’t share on this blog, grab the free report below. You will also get my free guide to backing up WordPress – Save Your Site!

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Create Your Own Product in Under Seven Days

This is the answer to the most common question I get asked!

I get asked a lot of questions. Every day I get email after email asking me me a variety of questions and to find solutions for their problems. If I can help with a simple reply I do, but some questions take a lot longer.

The most common questions I get asked are:

“How can I make money from my blog?”

“How do I create a product?”

“What product can I create to sell?”

As you can see they are all essentially the same question. The answer is not so simple, so I have co-written a new eBook called:
Create Your Own Best-Selling Product In Under 7 Days

We have a special ridiculously low introductory price of just $17.

It includes:

  • – The 6 steps you MUST include in your research to make certain your product ‘flies off the shelf’
  • The 1 little known thing that often makes the difference between the success and failure of product creation, and it’s not the price
  • The 2 most valuable pieces of information we can share about pricing your product…that most people ignore. You won’t!
  • 20 awesome ideas for your next product
  • 100 power phrases you can use to create the ideal product title

More details are available here http://yourownproductinaweek.com/ and remember it’s only $17 for a limited time.

Any questions please let me know!

Save Your Site! A Guide To Backing Up WordPress

I’ve written a free ebook called Save Your Site! A Guide To Backing Up WordPress, which was inspired by an email from a client called Rob who was confused over the options for backing up his site.

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The guide includes:
Save Your Site!

Why Backup WordPress?

Why do you even need to backup WordPress? Problems like all your blog posts disappearing might be a good reason!

What Do I Need to Backup?

What exactly do you need to backup in order to ensure that you can restore your entire site if you have to.

How Do I Backup?

Here I go through the main options available for backing up, including free and paid-for plugins. I also mention the pros and cons of each method.

Comparison Table

Finally there is a brief comparison table of the options I’ve covered and what they do and do not do.

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I would love to here your feedback and/or questions, so please let me know.

How To Sell An Ebook Online

Do you know how to sell an ebook online? Many beginners to WordPress and ebooks are confused about the options for selling an ebook, or any other digital product, with WordPress. Thankfully there are a few options that can get you up and running quickly and easily.

I have a new free mini-site called Get Your Ebook Online that will quickly show you most of the options out there and how easy it can be.

SIX videos cover all your options to sell online:

* Paypal only – Why this is quick and easy to setup, but is NOT the best option.
* Paypal and AWeber – Why you should integrate the two for automatic product delivery.
* WP E-Commerce plugin – Is the free version all you need to sell online and how easy is it to use?
* Ecwid – A new and easy shopping cart solution that I’ve come across that can be setup in minutes to sell online!
* E-junkie – Why paying a monthly fee to sell your ebooks online could be a good option for you.
* ClickBank – The pros and cons of using Clickbank to sell your ebook.

Simply enter your name and email to the right and confirm your subscription to get the videos emailed to you right away.

There is no upsell, there are no affiliate links and there is nothing to buy from me. Simply six videos that will show beginners the options for getting their ebook or digital product online. All I ask in return is your email address over at Get Your Ebook Online.

The videos are completely non-technical overviews of how to sell an ebook on your site, and I will hopefully be adding to the videos when new options come up, I already have PayDotCom on my list of avenues to explore, but if you know any more or have any questions please leave them below.

Free Guide To Twitter

A free “geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter” is now available for free from Geekpreneur. For those new to Twitter and it’s benefits then it’s a great guide.

Free Twitter ebook

The book is split into four main sections:
1. Why You Need To Join Twitter Right Now
2. How To Use Twitter As A Mini Blog
3. Using Twitter To Enhance Your Online Business
4. Twitter Tools

The book is 48 (short, fat) pages long, with the first section explaining neatly what Twitter is. It has some quick tips on getting your page set up, finding people to follow, and more importantly, getting people to follow you.

The second section gives you more tips and advice on writing tweets (your messages on Twitter are called tweets), while the third part has some good solid advice on building your business and brand through Twitter. Finally the book talks about all the (free) Twitter tools out there that can make posting tweets easier, or help you automatically add blog posts.

Personally, I wouldn’t think too long and hard about, just join and follow me and I’ll be your first follower back :). If you like Twitter then I’m also on Plurk if you want to give this Twitter competitor a try.