Testing Your Site in Different Browsers

Not too many years ago, virtually everyone who surfed the Web used Internet Explorer, with the AOL browser lagging slightly behind as the world’s second surfing utility. The rise of Mozilla shifted the tide significantly, as Firefox fans showed the world other browsing possibilities indeed existed. These days there are literally dozens of ways to surf the Web, and the odds are good that your blog traffic is divided among multiple browser users.

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You Know More Than You Think

A great post over at SEO Book was titled You Aren’t Average and included this video below. Scott from Google was in Times Square in New York and asked over 50 passersby of different ages and backgrounds “What is a browser?” Watch the many responses people came up with:

There are many lessons for us to learn from this, about ourselves, and our readers and customers. Read the post You Aren’t Average for insights, and comment below.

Free Tool To Check How You Blog Looks In Other Browsers

A great tip from Brendon over at Tailored Consulting: a way to see how your website looks in 40 different internet browsers and operating system combinations via BrowserShots. Frankly I’d never heard of half the browsers, but it’s still a really useful free tool.