How To Fix The WordPress Visual Editor

Have you got the issue in WordPress where the Visual Editor is not working? You can see the Visual and Text tabs but no icons or buttons are showing?

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This has been happening a lot for brand new installs for various clients and readers emailing me.

If it’s an existing install that you’ve had for a while, often this can be solved by deactivating plugins and then reactivating them one by one. Usually it’s a plugin (or theme) that is adding something to the Add/Edit Post/Page screen

However with a new install you don’t have any of those to cause an issue and it’s one of those unusual cases.

The way to solve it it to go to Plugins > Add new and search for

Use Google Libraries

This plugin uses the latest javascript files from Google’s AJAX Library API rather than the ones built into WordPress and fixes the issue. Click Install and Activate once it’s installed.

Now the Text editor has the icons/buttons and the Visual Editor works too.