Blog Tech Check Plugin Released

The first version of my new free plugin, Blog Tech Check. It’s available from now.

It will check if certain conditions are met by your WordPress install, such as if specific plugins are installed, the permalink structure is not default, etc. In the current version, the following checks are made:

– If user called “admin” is present
– Permalink settings are not the default
– Folder permissions are correct

Certain plugins installed and active:
– WP DB Backup
– XML Sitemap
– All in One SEO
– Subscribe to Comments
– Akismet

The plugin will suggest corrective actions to the user with on how to rectify any tested conditions which do not pass.


Some checks are not successful, with help messages.

Not all failed checks are a big problem, some are just recommended.

More details can be found on the plugins page, or you can download it from