How To Backup WordPress

A few months ago I launched a backup and update service in order to help you keep your themes, plugins and WordPress itself up to date as well as making backups in case of disaster.

With the recent news of massive hacking attempts against WordPress sites, having the latest versions of plugins and themes and also backups is more important than ever.

I’m currently protecting over 60 WordPress powered sites with weekly updates and backups (or monthly if you prefer). So if you want to join them and put your mind at ease then you can sign up below from only $7 per month.

The BTG Backup and Update Service, or “BTG BUS” is a service that keeps regular backups of your WordPress powered websites, keeps WordPress, plugins and themes up to date, and provides the opportunity to restore your sites to an earlier version if there are any problems. With no hassle for you, just set up and forget!

Go to the full page for details on pricing, FAQs, comparisons with other services and much more.

Save Your Site! A Guide To Backing Up WordPress

I’ve written a free ebook called Save Your Site! A Guide To Backing Up WordPress, which was inspired by an email from a client called Rob who was confused over the options for backing up his site.

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The guide includes:
Save Your Site!

Why Backup WordPress?

Why do you even need to backup WordPress? Problems like all your blog posts disappearing might be a good reason!

What Do I Need to Backup?

What exactly do you need to backup in order to ensure that you can restore your entire site if you have to.

How Do I Backup?

Here I go through the main options available for backing up, including free and paid-for plugins. I also mention the pros and cons of each method.

Comparison Table

Finally there is a brief comparison table of the options I’ve covered and what they do and do not do.

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