What Can Bloggers Learn From Amazon?

Amazon blows my mind. I buy almost everything through it, downloadable (DRM-free) music, ebooks on the Kindle, gifts and lots (and lots) of household items.

What really blew my mind was that when looking for batteries, there are nearly 1,000 reviews of a rechargeable AA battery. Yes, not nearly 100, but nearly 1,000 reviews! Of a battery. One you’ve probably never even heard of. These batteries to be precise.

Who would have thought that 10, 5 or even a couple of years ago that people, for no reward, would willing write a review of batteries for someone else’s website? Not me, probably not even Amazon.

My mind is boggled!

So what lessons can you learn from that? A few ideas:

  • People love to give their opinion.
  • Make it easy for people to leave their thoughts and comments (see my blog comment systems post).
  • Actively solicit opinions, and respond to them. Make them feel valued.
  • Being perceived as an expert is important to a lot of people. Check out the different battery tests people have written about in the battery reviews!
  • People can surprise you and do something you may have not thought they would.
  • Predicting the future based on what people do today is not the best idea.

What other lessons can be learned from this? Any ideas?

How To Publish Your Blog On The Amazon Kindle

We have an Amazon Kindle at home, it’s an electronic book reader. It’s brilliant for storing lots of books on, especially when traveling (up to 1,500 books apparently!), light and easy to read. What a lot of people don’t know though is that you can also read blog RSS feeds on it, and sell your RSS feed to other readers.


To be able to have your blog content available for Kindle readers to purchase via the Kindle Store, you need to do a few things.

First sign up at Kindle Publishing, you will have to create a new account even if you already have an Amazon account. You cannot use the same details as your Amazon account.

Then provide the answers to 3 security questions in case you forget your password. Finally for the account setup you will have to enter your bank details and Tax ID. If you’re not in the US you can use the check/cheque option.

Once the account is created you can add your blogs. You enter your feed URL (usually your Feedburner feed), then add the details of your blog. You will need to add two images (the help section can tell you how to do this if you’re not sure), on 800×600 for the screenshot, and a masthead/logo a maximum of 430×50 in size.

Then you’re done! You can generate a Blog Preview to see how it looks on the Kindle and then Publish to the Kindle. This takes 48 – 72 hours then appears in the Kindle Store.

You will get paid 30% of the monthly blog subscription price for every subscriber to your blog, however Amazon determines the price on what it thinks is fair. This is usually $0.99 or $1.99, and you will only get 30% of that.

Learn more about the Kindle here.