Top 3 Things I've Learned From Over 200 Clients

Having a service based business is hard work but very rewarding. I reached 100 clients in December last year, and this year I’ve had many periods of not accepting new clients, and currently only accept referral clients.

It was to my surprise then when I noticed I had gone over 200 clients. New client building has never been my aim, I am fortunate to have long term relationships with many clients that are over a year long. However it’s pretty exciting to hit the 200 client milestone, and thought I would share three of the many, many things I have learned (and am still learning):

  1. Everyone is a beginner sometime – No matter how many times you’ve done something, there was always a first time. This may be the client’s first time, so remember how it felt.
  2. Honesty goes further than promises – If you can’t do something or don’t know how, it’s more advantageous to say so than say you can do it and do a half-assed job of it.
  3. This client is number one – No matter who else calls or has work waiting, the current client work is the number one priority. It often doesn’t make financial sense to do it this way, but it makes moral sense to me!

So a huge thank you to the 200+ clients who have helped build my business to what it is today. I’m always happy to help.

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