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I’m fortunate enough to have not needed to do any advertising yet, but I always like to be prepared so I just got my first set of advertising banners, and I thought I’d share them with you. Warning, there may be lots of flashing!

Banner advertising is still a very popular way of promoting a website/business, and I’m just starting some tests to see how well they convert. Business is great at the moment, but there will be a time I need to promote myself more and testing between banner advertising, Pay-Per-Click advertising and other methods will help me plan in advance.

I used Banners Mall after a recommendation, and was very impressed. Fast turnaround time and unlimited revisions were all done quickly and promptly, so many thanks to Chris and the team there. I paid slightly extra to get the Photoshop versions of the files too so have created an extra design and played around with the timings of the ads.

This is my standard horizontal 468×60:

BlogTechGuy ad 5

Three 125×125 to choose from, this format is becoming more and more popular on sites:

BlogTechGuy ad 1 BlogTechGuy ad 2 BlogTechGuy ad 3

The final two ads are a little different in size. These are designed to be more noticeable because of their slightly unusual size:

BlogTechGuy ad 4 BlogTechGuy ad 6

So what do you think? Is the design OK? Which is your favourite? Are there better ways to advertise?

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Blog

After working on so many people’s blogs it has become apparent that whilst there are many, many things that can be improved (including on my own) there are a few basics:

1. Don’t monetize too early. Do you see any adverts on my blog? No. Why? Because I don’t have enough traffic to make much money anyway, I don’t want people to be put off by a lot of adverts, it looks more professional and it looks neater. Which leads me onto…

2. Reduce clutter. I’m guilty of this myself, but reducing the number of images (and adverts) and animation on a homepage can make a site look more attractive, and professional.

Wordpress logo

3. Give someone somewhere to subscribe to your RSS feed via email. Again, I don’t do this on this site (I just offer the RSS at the moment), but I will when I get around to it. Feedburner currently only offers a daily email (though once the Google integration is finished they promise to offer more options), Feedblitz can be configured to be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly for free (ad-supported), and Aweber can also manage this along with other nice email management features for a fee.

4. Write more content. I receive emails all the time asking me “How can I make more money?” and I look at their site that is full of adverts and has a post once every 8 or 9 days. If you blog is aimed at making money by simply being a blog (unlike one like this which is alongside a business), then you need to get more traffic in order to make more money. It’s called the “magazine model” – you make more money the more people who visit you site. In order to get this traffic you need to post quality articles, often. For more information, check out Yaro Starak’s free Blog Profits Blueprint eBook.

There are obviously countless more examples that can be done to improve a website. If you’d like a professional review of your blog or website, please contact me and we can have a chat.

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