Fancy An iPod Nano?

Last week I told you that Income Blogging Guide has re-opened and to help promote it you have a chance to win an 8G iPod Nano (5th Generation – worth $125).

All you need to do is download our free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint.

Entering is really easy.

By downloading the guide you will be automatically entered into the contest (if you have already downloaded it you will be automatically entered).

You can double your chance of winning as if you retweet this post, your name will be entered twice.

You can use the retweet button within the post (top left) or you can copy and paste the text below and tweet it manually:

The deadline is Friday 14th May (midnight, USA EST) so get downloading and tweeting!

If you want to have your own on-line business, then you may wish to view our course details.

Please Note: There are no images of mansions or flashy cars, just the exact details of how you will benefit from the course.

Here’s the link: Income Blogging Guide Membership course.

Tired Of The Same Old Promises?

My course (along with Andrew of course), Income Blogging Guide closes at 11.59pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday 27th January 2010). We won’t be taking any new members for at least a few months so we can concentrate on our hard working current members and give them the best support possible. At least you won’t hear from me for a while.

If you want some realistic promises and expectations, take a look now, or all you’ll be stuck with over the next few months is Gabe and Max’s internet thing (see video below). Quality stuff.

Win A Free income Blogging Guide Membership!

This contest is now closed!

On 6th January Andrew Rondeau ( fame) and I will be launching our brand new Income Blogging Guide course and to celebrate we are holding a free contest.

First, let me tell you a little about the Income Blogging Guide Course.

It’s not just about blogging…

It’s a six month course and covers all the stages required to build a successful online business generating income and giving you some freedom back, including Blogging Essentials, List Building, Traffic Generating, Product Creation, Copywriting and Outsourcing.

The key to our step-by-step “Income Blogging Guide Course” is the way and format in which it is delivered. Each week we provide a single lesson, with a few simple tasks to be completed, and it takes no more than a few hours per week. We provide the specific and detailed instructions to follow.

Each lesson assumes you have no blogging or technical knowledge at all and shows you exactly what to do in a step-by-step approach, using screen images and videos.

No overwhelm, no guessing, just an uncomplicated straightforward plan to blogging income that anyone can follow. You will literally have your first blog set up in under an hour, and have money-making traffic within weeks.

Plus we have several ‘critical extras’ that make the difference between success and failure when creating an on-line business.

The Prize on offer:

This contest is now closed!

One winner will get access to the whole Income Blogging Guide Course for free (price to be finalized but easily worth a few hundred dollars).

Entry Rules:

This contest is now closed!

Download our updated free report, “The Income Blogging Blueprint” and your name/email goes into the ‘hat’.

The updated free report, “The Income Blogging Blueprint” is a multi-media guide and includes all of the following chapters:

Income Blogging Guide Blueprint

– Choosing Your Niche
– Choosing the Best Blogging Platform
– Keyword Analysis
– Choosing A Domain
– Buying a Domain Name and Hosting
– Installing WordPress
– WordPress Overview
– Adding New Themes
– The ‘Must Have’ WordPress Plugins
– Getting Your Blog Indexed
– Blog Security
– Adding Content to your Blog
– Making Money
– Managing Your Day
– Having The Right Bloggers Mindset

The Next Steps

You can’t win if you haven’t downloaded our free report (if you already have downloaded the new free report, then you will be automatically entered into the free contest).

If you’d like to increase your chances of winning you can gain extra entries of your name/email into the ‘hat’ by completing the following tasks:

This contest is now closed!

1) Re-tweet this blog post by simply clicking the re-tweet button at the top of the post (1 extra entry)

2) Digg this blog post by clicking here: Digg (1 extra entry) Note this is a Digg to the post Andrew’s website.

3) Promote the contest on your blog (5 extra entries). Please email me when you have, using this form:

This contest is now closed!

Time Frame:

Saturday January 2, 2010 until Tuesday January 5, 2010 at 12noon EDT (click here to see current EDT time)

Winners Announcement:

I shall randomly pick the winner from the ‘hat’ and they will be notified after the contest has closed and have 48 hours to claim their prize.

The winner will be posted here.


You must download our free guide to qualify. The additional tasks will provide extra entries but you can only win one prize.

Thanks and good luck.

Return Of Membership Site Mastermind

Well, I’m back from a short break and BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas. As always with these type of things, my head is buzzing full of ideas, I just need time to implement them!

If you’re on my email list you will have already heard it, but as we know, Membership sites are a popular way of making money online, and the model was talked about extensively at the conference. Coincidentally, my online friend Yaro Starak has announced he is re-opening the doors to Membership Site Mastermind next week.

I don’t promote many training courses, and all I do I have personally been on myself and this is no exception (my WordPress Blog Training Videos is the result).

He’s released a couple of videos in the past which are well worth watching. The one below is The Blue Sky Video, and there is also The Slide Show Video.

Membership video

As usual I offer no incentives (aka bribes) for signing up for this course through my affiliate link, I want you to sign up for it if you think it’s for you, will benefit you and help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Enjoy the videos though!

Oh, and if you notice something new about the comments, I’ve installed JS Kit Echo. They have to do a manual import of my old comments, but an enhanced service is now available, feel free to try it out! I’ll be writing a post on my experience with it another time.

Behind-The-Scenes Of WordPress Blog Video Training

I know some of you are interested in what you get when you buy my blog training videos. So to answer that I’ve created a short video that is now up on the sales page.

Click on the image below to take a look!

Theme Wars Launches!

Theme Wars is an interesting new concept from Unique Blog Designs, the geniuses behind my blog theme. Essentially it’s a blog theme store with a twist.

1. Each week, any blog designer can submit an entry (his/her original design) into our “Weekly War.”
2. The Weekly War will be a contest to design a particular type of theme (e.g. magazine, business, etc.) as voted on by the community (via poll) the week before.
3. The top two designs which the community votes for will be sold in our Theme Store. The winning designers will receive 25% and 10%, respectively, each time his/her winning design sells.

Theme Wars

There will probably be between 3 and 8 news themes each week and it seems a great way to get fresh new designs for bloggers, and for blog designers to get paid or their work. Take a look.

Blog Training Videos Coming Soon

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been quietly working on some WordPress blog training videos. These videos answer common questions such as:

Blog Training Videos

– Registering a domain name, getting web hosting and changing nameservers.
– Using FileZilla FTP.
– Installing WordPress manually and automatically.
– How to create new content, add images etc.
– How to manage plugins, themes and widgets.
– How to set up AWeber and Get Response and manage email lists.
– How to use Feedburner.
– And much more!

In fact there will be over 40 videos that you can buy all at once, or in 3 monthly payments. Each video can be downloaded in various formats, Flash, WMV, MP4 (for iPods), and audio MP3 and PDF transcript.

They’ll initially only be available to purchase via my newsletter list, so sign up on the right hand side (click here if reading via RSS) to get the announcement and link to the sales page. Shortly after that they’ll be available to all!

Even more good news is on the way in the form of my affiliate scheme for these blog training videos and my Complete Blog Setup package. Stay tuned for further details when I have all the kinks worked out!

7 Killer YouTube Traffic Tips

This video is part of the highly recommended Become A Blogger Premium.

It shows you, step-by-step, how to optimize your YouTube videos to help you drive an insane amount of traffic back to your website.

Gideon used these exact same strategies on one of his own YouTube channels, and received over 67,400 views in just 8 weeks! He actually shows the same channel inside the video.

So if you want to get more traffic from YouTube, you’ll like this stuff…


Become A Blogger Roadmap Re-Released

In preparation for the reopening of Become A Blogger Premium, they’ve re-released their Roadmap to Become A Blogger. It describes and teaches you about the 5 milestones you must reach to become a successful blogger.

If you are interested in starting your own blog and becoming a super successful blogger, this may be just the information you’ve been looking for.

The report has now been downloaded over 20,000 times! That’s got to tell you something about the quality of the report. I’ve read the report, and also been through the course, myself so can vouch for the superb quality of the information.

The report reveals a step-by-step guide that takes you from absolute beginner to blogging pro in 5 easy milestones. And once you have it all set up, you’ll also learn some extremely powerful “X-Factor” strategies for driving traffic to your blog using a range of multi-media tools and the latest social media tactics.

You should really check it out for yourself here.

You can also watch the first 10 free Become A Blogger videos by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

Rethinking Membership Sites

If you think this post is going to be a promotion for Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Mastermind, then you’re half right.

Like almost everything I promote, I like to do a soft sell, and I like to have personal experience of the product. I’ve been through Membership Site Mastermind myself in it’s original form and enjoyed it a lot, though have yet to take action on it – and the course really benefits from taking action while you go along.

Today, Yaro launched his free report – Membership Site Masterplan that is a 72 page report that teaches how to plan, launch and profit from a successful membership site. It’s pure CONTENT, plus an invitation to join his six week membership site training course.

It will make you rethink membership sites, the software that is (or is not) required, and frankly, how easy they are to do. I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about membership sites and also about product launches and how they fit in with my client’s aspirations. I have the beginning of an idea that I think you’ll be interested in, but I will work on it and see – strangely enough it’s not a membership site…

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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