Automattic – One Year On

“Time flies” is a cliché but so true. It has been over a year working for Automattic as I type this and I am full of emotions.

It was very difficult giving up working for myself. It was needed for my sanity, health, and for my family and now I feel like the luckiest man in the world sometimes.

Lucky because I do a job I love. Continue reading Automattic – One Year On

Automattic – Six Months On

They say the cobbler’s children have no shoes, as it is when working for a professional blog company I don’t do any blogging. So here’s a quick photo update of the Automattic Grand Meetup in Park City, Utah. Continue reading Automattic – Six Months On

My New Office

Those of you who know me know that I have been moving into my new house over the last few months. Officially moving in around the beginning of December, it’s still taking shape and plenty of work to do.

However to those of you I work with and talk to on the phone an via Skype, or Twitter each day, then this is where it all done from (click to enlarge):

My office

For those who don’t know I’m an Englishman in America, so there are 5 references to England in the photo. If you can spot them all, then you have my congratulations! There’s no prize, except knowing that I’ll be very impressed 🙂