Is Email The Best Communication Tool?

I love using email to communicate. It makes things instantaneous without being intrusive. It keeps a written record of what has been said, and is easily organized.

I especially love using Gmail, it’s archiving, labeling and search features make it easy to use and easy to find anything that has every been discussed. It even allows you to manage multiple accounts within the same interface.

However a couple of recent “incidents” have led me to question whether it’s always best at times.

Gmail Logo

Firstly someone contacted me, and I replied promptly as always. Then, after a couple of days I a got another message, the same as the first – always a sign the recipient hasn’t received my email. Checking my reply was sent, and I resent it from a different email address in case my domain was being blocked. Then, again a couple of days later, I received a comment on my blog complaining about my lack of replies. Having no other way to contact the sender other than email, I was actually happy they had left the message! It was quickly sorted out, the emails had been filtered into the recipients spam/junk folder automatically, and they hadn’t checked. All was fine in the end, but things had been delayed a week.

Secondly another client sent me an email for some further work. And then sent me another, and yet didn’t receive a reply. She then sent me an email from my contact form which alarmed me, as she had been worried about why I hadn’t replied. Of course I hadn’t received the emails, but why? The answer rests in Gmail’s virus scanner. All the emails that had been sent had contained a .php attachment. Gmail does not allow executable files or scripts to be sent in email, however the details are a little sketchy. .exe’s are blocked and so are password protected zip files. .php files are not mentioned though seem to be blocked, but not when they’re zipped. There is obviously no notification when an email is blocked (otherwise you would get lots and lots of notifications from spam bots), so I hadn’t known anything is wrong.

Gmail launched in 2004 and is still classed as a BETA – i.e not complete software. Perhaps this shows why?

ACTIONS: My contact form now includes a telephone number / Skype box in case someone wants to provide an alternative contact method. I also check my own spam folder regularly.

So, if I don’t reply to you, send me an email from my contact form with a phone number and explain the problem. I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Testimonials Coming In

Just in case you haven’t noticed I now have some testimonials on the site from satisfied clients. Hopefully I’ll be getting plenty more soon, I just have to get around to asking for them.

Please take a look on the testimonials page, and contact me if you would like to leave one too 🙂

Am I A Blog Consultant?

Just a quick update to everyone as I’m breaking my own rules by not blogging often enough. I’ve completed several projects (links to come soon on a client/testimonial page) and have LOT still to do. A couple of website integrations, current blog updates and some essential maintenance has certainly kept me out of trouble.

It left me thinking – I am a blog consultant? Or blog technical support? Or (a possibly unique) mix of both? I’m not sure it matters, though positioning wise it would probably make sense to define myself at some point.

If you’ve emailed me, please be a little patient I will get to as soon as I can. Every client is my most important client, no matter how big or small you have my full attention. If it means it takes a little longer to get to you, then I apologise 🙂 .

Until then, happy blogging!

Soft Launch Hits Hard

Just a quick update to say that as my blog technical support service isn’t that old I am gradually building up my client base. However after a personal endorsement by Blog Mastermind Mentor and internet entrepreneur Yaro Starak I am now fully booked with work until at least the end of February.

That isn’t to say I won’t be delighted to help you – please use my contact form with as much info as possible, and when you need things completed by. Most jobs are on a first-come first-serve basis, and of course I will start your job when I say I will 🙂