The House that WordPress Built

I spent a few days last week at the Pressnomics conference in Phoenix and, as always, learned a lot more than I could possible give back.

It’s amazing the number of smart people who attend and who give their time generously to speak to others. I’m not going to name names here, but it got me thinking about the house that WordPress has built.

By “house” I mean it in a few different ways.

WordPress has changed many, many lives, including my own. Careers are different. Friendships have been formed. Lives altered.

Heck, WordPress now powers over 25% of the Internet and affects every Internet user.

Some of the things I learned:

  • WordPress has literally built houses for people from the WordPress related income they have earned
  • WordPress has allowed people to work from their homes and connect with their families
  • WordPress has built amazing friendships, families, collaborations (people from different and competing companies shared rented houses to attend the conference)
  • WordPress has built a community that should (most of the time) be envied
  • WordPress updates and changes can affect people greatly

Of course, WordPress itself has not done any of this. It’s the people who have done it. People who are attracted to WordPress. People who are attracted to the WordPress community. People who are good people.

We all live in a community of WordPress houses.

[Interview with Alex King from Pressnomics 2016. Click here to see if you can’t see it]

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