Automattic – One Year On

“Time flies” is a cliché but so true. It has been over a year working for Automattic as I type this and I am full of emotions.

It was very difficult giving up working for myself. It was needed for my sanity, health, and for my family and now I feel like the luckiest man in the world sometimes.

Lucky because I do a job I love.

Lucky because I work with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Lucky because they don’t just feel like co-workers, but friends and even family.

Lucky because we all work very hard on something we’re passionate about.

Lucky because Automattic allow me the privilege of working hard for them.

Lucky because I have an amazingly supportive family (with two incredible kids).

Lucky I get to travel to places like Hawaii, Portland, Austin, Las Vegas, Belize, Phoenix and work there.

I hope you’re all as lucky as me.

14 thoughts on “Automattic – One Year On”

  1. Nice one Joel good to hear from you. Love the photos but the foodie one seriously did you eat all that meat? Sorry, I’m teasing! Anyway nothing like hearing from someone who is loving life, keep it up! Cheers Deb

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