Client Spotlight: Pressure Ball

Like a lot of people, Barry Mulder, was frustrated by a problem. Unlike a lot of people he decided to do something about it and invented PressureBall.

Firstly some more about Barry

After working for 25 years in film development for a food packaging manufacturer Barry has gone out on his own to develop some Ideas that he has had for a while .The first is the tennis ball tube (which sells around the world) and he is now finalizing a new concept in very lightweight ride on golf cart/mobility scooter. It’s taken 2 years but the end result will be pretty good. It flips up onto a car towbar like a bike rack.

I asked him a few questions about his site and product.

What is Pressure Ball?

I was fed up with throwing away perfectly good tennis balls because they were flat so I thought there must be some way to put the balls in a reusable pressure container like the ones that they are sold in. These point of sale cans are also pressurized to stop the balls going flat between the time of manufacture and the time of purchase.

Even though I had worked in plastic film development for 25 years it still took me 6 months to put together a robust but flexible tube that would hold the pressures required without stretching .The end result is a tube that will stop new tennis balls losing pressure and will also put pressure back into balls that have gone soft .

Who are your targeting as your reader and/or customers?

My target market is anyone who plays tennis reasonably regularly and ends up throwing out balls that have plenty of life left in the felt but no longer bounce correctly. I sell these tubes to tennis clubs for business house, intermediate or senior grades, where the felt can last a long time but the bounce doesn’t.

Anyone who cracks open a new tube of balls  but then doesn’t use them again for a few weeks will love Pressureball because your tennis balls will never be soft .And even if you do put them on a shelf for a period of time, you can always revive them.

Why did you set the website up?

I set up the website in order to market the tube worldwide .Because the tube is flexible and light weight my postage costs are not insurmountable even though New Zealand is so far away from the rest of the world.

Thanks for your time Barry! If you would like to be featured in a Client Spotlight, just contact me here.

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