Three Headway wrappers

Headway 3.5 Released

As you probably know, my site runs Headway Theme. It’s an awesome drag an drop WordPress theme that has just got even better with their latest 3.5.x release.

I work with many themes for clients, and there are different themes for different circumstances, but Headway has improved once again.

Multiple and Fluid Wrappers

The screenshot below shows a site with three wrappers. These are separate sections of your site which operate independently.

Three Headway wrappers

There are many advantages to this with regards to design in having some full width sections and some boxed centered sections. However the reasons I love it are:

  • I can now style full width even if I don’t use it – see my footer on my site. It’s a subtle change, probably no-one but me cares, but it now adds a nice end point to my site.
  • I can mirror wrappers on templates. So on the home page template, or Shop template or Blog template, rather than having to alter the header and footer on each template when I change the layout – I can now just mirror the wrapper from the main template and changes within this wrapper automatically appear on the other templates.  Not only does this save me a lot of work but means I can play around with different layouts more easily.
  • Fluid wrappers are now possible. Rather than repeat what is said elsewhere, there is an excellent guide to the different type of Headway wrappers here.

There are many more technical improvements, with different grid settings, fluid column widths, better iPad/tablet support, and so on.

However new features aren’t what keeps me on Headway. Grant, Clay and the team are always listening to customer feedback and bug reports. Three new versions have already been released in the short time 3.5 has been out to fix bugs and improve user work flow.

Like the airlines say, you have many choices when deciding which service is best for you. I use different themes for different projects, but for my own site I use Headway. For someone who works with different themes for hours every day hat’s saying a lot.

2 thoughts on “Headway 3.5 Released”

  1. Hi Joel,
    This does look like a great method of producing a very personal WordPress site.
    Like the full width footer too. And the overlapping widget headers – nice.
    I run a preping website – and have a very nice, slow drop down menu for my navigation bar.
    I am thinking of giving HEADWAY a try but,
    do you know if HEADWAY could reproduce this.?

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