How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site – New Free eBook

I’ve added a third eBook to my free eBooks that I give away to all email subscribers. This one goes through the best ways to speed up your WordPress website with step-by-step instructions.

Speed. It’s what we all crave in today’s busy world of work and home life. Whether we are waiting for a train, hurrying from one meeting to the next, or waiting for the microwave to “ping,” we’re never far from a glance at the clock and an impatient gesture.

You can subscribe below to get all three eBooks if you’re not already a subscriber. Current subscribers have already been sent an email soon with a link in.

The three eBooks you get for being a subscriber are:

– Income Blogging Guide Blueprint
– Save Your Site! A Guide To backing Up WordPress
– How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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  1. Hi Gene – it was emailed to all current subscribers on the 25th Feb. If you don’t have it send me and email and I’ll send you a link.

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