Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive

I don’t use infographics much, but this one stuck out to me as helps explain why your website needs to be responsive – that is, look good on mobile devices. Mine does, as it runs Headway, but does yours? If you’re selling something via your website (and you should) then take a look at the stats below.

Image courtesy of Nowsourcing and Moovweb.

15 thoughts on “Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive”

    1. Raymond, there’s no magic bullet solution to a responsive website. It needs to be coded into your theme to respond to different screen sizes. There are plugins to serve up a different theme to mobile visitors, but not to make your site responsive.

  1. Thanks Joel for making me aware of this. never thought about it since i am really slow when it comes to how the phone has changed. Tried to pull my site up of my phone. Have to work on how to do that. They do offer classes for using my phone, so guess maybe it would be a good idea to take the time to go to them. Thanks again for bring this to my attention.

    1. It is definitely worth learning how to sue any technology properly. Soon you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

  2. Great graphic – thanks for sharing. Speed and convenience are part and parcel of any business (excluding politics). I think mobile devices will be antiques in turn in not too distant a future. Remember ‘personal computers’? The other part of the equation, content, appears constant and stable throughout, with demand for things we can’t even think of, and then some.

    1. Good point Beat, while “everything” changes, a lot stays the same. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace it’s hard to think what will come next!

  3. You are right Joel, the world is moving towards the convenience that technology gives us. Some of these stats surprise me! Anne

  4. We find a need in health care to be responsive to this trend. Sex, shopping and health care information are the big 3 and they have all moved onto smart phones. Great graphic, thanks

    1. Good point Bruce, not all industries habve caught on. All the hiring in Silicon Valley at the moment is in mobile development apparently, that’s where it’s all shifting.

    1. Absolutely, though I’ll be honest, besides apps and parking one time I don’t think I’ve bought anything via a phone. But it’s moving that way.

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