WooCommerce and Headway Now Work Together

Headway WooCommerceThe astute of you may have noticed I’ve added a Shop to my site. This runs on WooCommerce, an awesome free plugin with some paid extensions.

However a few premium themes don’t work with WooCommerce out of the box, so I previously fixed this myself using templates in my child theme. I was going to write a post about how to do that, but there’s no need anymore.

From today that’s no longer necessary with the release of the Headway WooCommerce Storefront block – which is free.

Simply install it like any plugin and it will make WooCommerce work seamlessly on your Headway powered site. I still use a lot of styling in my child theme to make it look better (and overcome some WC Multi Site issues) but now I can remove the template files and know the block is taking care of it.

So if you’re a Headway license holder, and have thought about getting a shopping cart running on your site get a free copy of the Headway WooCommerce Storefront block.

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