What You Can Expect To See From BTG in 2013

Well, welcome to 2013!

I’ve been working a little on the site to make it easier for you to use and also sort out some long standing issues. The old saying “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes” comes to mind, so to prevent that and get my site up to date I’ve spent some time on it.
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1) Added a shopping cart (WooCommerce). This free plugin (with paid addon extensions – a few I’m using) doesn’t actually work well with Headway at the moment, but with some coding and template tweaks you can get it working and looking great within an hour or so. If there is any interest I might post a tutorial or two once WooCommerce 2.0 is launched – let me know in the comments if so.

2) This allowed me to sell my first premium child theme for Headway – HeadTube. This theme has a full screen video background and color options to make your site really stand out. Currently it’s free for a very short time.

3) I’ve also added free eBooks there and external links to other products that I have created.

4) There is a Shop menu item with dropdowns to the different categories of products, plus a Cart section in the header which will update.

5) Added a new “Tiny” backup plan to my BTG Backup and Update Service for monthly backups rather than weekly.

6) Updated the Behind-the-Scenes page with the tools I use to create this site.

7) Changed the site background. It’s now a nice wooden panel but I’ll be changing it more often as the mood takes me 🙂

8) The Blog page now has infinite scroll. When you hit the bottom of the page, the next set of posts will load and so on so you don’t have to browse to Old/Previous Posts anymore. It reduces page views so on sites where page views matter then I wouldn’t recommend using it, but otherwise it’s an awesome plugin called Infinite Scroll.

9) the site is now “responsive” meaning it looks great on different mobile devices automatically. A future post will go into more detail.

So now that’s done, what can you expect from me in 2013?
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– Moving the Services in the shopping cart to allow me to use coupons and offer discounts (oooohh, exciting!).

– More premium child themes.

– EBooks, guides and training materials.

More videos. Yes I know, I said that last year, but this year….

Is there anything else you want to see from me this year?

What are your plans for 2013? I’m always interested so let me know below what you’re planning to achieve this year.

3 thoughts on “What You Can Expect To See From BTG in 2013”

  1. Joel, I’m interested in more information about WooCommerce or any other plugin that I could use to giveaway or sell products from my weight loss site. I like the background but I also understand how much fun it is to change it up at times – keeps things fresh!

    1. @GailSueMonroe Thanks, I appreciate it! I will do an article on WooCommerce soon, I’m just waiting for the new version so my screenshots don’t go out of date a week later :). I appreciate the comment.

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