Tricks for beginners to restrict social media spam

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The current social media scenario is very complex and vast. You could see countless of people venturing their ideas. Hence the complete idea of twisting and playing with the protocols and ethics of online marketing has become too obvious. Now, it seems to be a rat race, where people simply want to leave their competitors behind at the cost of compromising on the set rules and ethics. This has given birth to the menace called social media spam, which seems to be occurring over these platforms in various forms.
Despite appearing innocent, social media spam seems is often a trap. Hence before you actually leverage these platforms for your business promotion, it is always important to understand the ways to tackle social media spam. Let’s check some tricks for beginners to restrict social media spam.

Restrict the benefits

The first and basic thing you can do to get away from the spam techniques is to simply avoid giving reasons to spammers to join your network. The best way out is to start using the nofollow links. Also, you need to restrict the accessibility of your blog by engaging only the registered readers or followers. At the same time avoid the techniques which demands for excessive self promotion. Though, you may find some adverse effect to these restrictions but the idea here is to carry out things in proper balance. Make sure you maintain an appropriate balance between restricting yourself promotional benefits along with offering your users a good reason to join you and get engaged.

Inform and educate your social media team

The best way to restrict the social media spam comes with educating and arming your marketing team with proper training. Hence make a schedule of a proper training of your social media managers ask them to diligently check all the comments remain proactive for hunting out all the fake accounts and other things like the coupon offers.

Clearly imply rules for your affiliates as per your terms & conditions

The other way to avoid the social media spam is to simply make it very clear to all your affiliates that they are not allowed to post anything over the affiliate links over the official social media brand web page or simply pose it as your brand. At the same time add a line asking them to protect their accounts from hackers by simply using a strong password.

Maintain your manually approved communities

To get away from the spam, communities are now planning to choose an application based registration method. Hence when the user submits his or her application it has to be approved first by the editor/moderator after a proper review. The manual checking is the best way to get authentic users and avoid spam.

Ban the spammers

Another way is to ban the spammers. However, it is very difficult to ban them since the spammers have become very smart and appear too genuine to be called as spammers. Even though if you ban them they would appear with a different IP address making things difficult for you. At such junctures, the best option is to make the spammers invisible if you want to control them over social media. The classic example comes from Reddit, wherein these people have banned the spammers in such a way that they remain unaware of this ban. Regardless of the things the spammers do, they are never seen visible to others.

Final word

If you want to fight social media spam, it is vital to understand and find them out. The above are few of the basic ways, in which you can restrict the social media spam. All you need to do is to try them with wisdom and care and start getting the results.

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  1. It’s best to have a person or a small team to do a manual edit to avoid spammers. Today,  there’s still no available software in the market that can accurately and completely eradicate spammers.

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