New Version of HeadTube Released

A few updates of my, admittedly, awesome WordPress child theme for Headway that allows you to have a full screen video background:

– It now allows users to hide the content to view the video full screen.
– Color Picker now allows you to change links color as well as background color of the navigation menu, sidebar headings and homepage post dividers (WordPress 3.5+ only).
– A few CSS updates and fixes.

[sexybutton size=”xxl” color=”green” url=”” icon=”wrench”]Live Theme Demo[/sexybutton]

If you already own the theme you can download it again from the email you got or your My Account page if you created one. If you haven’t altered any of the core files you can copy over the new ones via FTP replacing the ones there. If you have customized any files they will be lost so make a backup/note of changes before updating, and then reapply them. In future I’ll keep a proper changelog when version 1.0 is released.

If you don’t own HeadTube you can see more details here.

2 thoughts on “New Version of HeadTube Released”

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