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It’s time to release my second Headway child theme. A child theme is like a sub-theme where it inherits everything from the parent, but where you specify any differences the child theme takes precedent. This way you can have your own theme and not worry about updating the parent theme and losing any changes.

In Headway a child theme does NOT inherit any layout, so installing a child theme does not change your layout. You can still have any blocks wherever you want or where you currently have them.

HeadStretch is a Headway child theme:

  • Allows you to set a full screen image background for the whole site
  • Image is “stretchy” and will remain a full background when you resize the browser. Give it a go on the demo and resize your browser.
  • If one image isn’t enough you can set up to six images to rotate (fade) in the background through the admin menu. Plus you can code more images easily if you know how.
  • You can control the fade speed and duration time on the background changes.
  • The background is semi-transparent so you can still see your images but this can be increased/decreased/removed via the style.css.

[frame type=”raised”][/frame]

[frame type=”raised”]×507.jpg[/frame]

[sexybutton size=”xxl” color=”green” url=”” icon=”wrench”]Live Theme Demo[/sexybutton]

Remember to resize your browser to see the background stretch to fit correctly. It’s pretty simple and just builds on the beauty of Headway. So the price is low, you can buy from here:

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a) Make sure Headway Base is installed under Appearance > Themes. It does not have to be activated.

b) Backup your site using a free or paid plugin like BackupBuddy.

Any current Headway layout/grid settings SHOULD be retained, but you have a backup in case anything is lost.

c) Under Themes > Install Themes upload the zip file (see below) and activate the theme. Once downloaded, see the enclosed README.txt for full usage instructions.

d) Options appear under Headway > Theme Options or on the WordPress admin bar as HeadTube Options.


This theme is provided “as is” and without any warranty, so use at your own risk. You must own a copy of Headway in order for this child theme to work.

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