How An IT Professional Can Help Develop Your Business

This is a guest post written by Belinda Darling. If you’d like to write a guest post please contact me.

It will come as news to nobody that information technology is King these days. No business worth it’s salt is without an online presence. IT departments are par for the course in every major company, and willfully resisting advances in technology is doubtless one of the most detrimental mistakes any business, new or old, can make. Trying to market your business relying solely on traditional offline marketing techniques is a recipe for disappointment. The reward will simply not warrant the effort.

mazeThe vast majority of would be and current business owners are well aware of these facts. But awareness doesn’t necessarily translate into confidence implementing the new technologies that are a must for businesses interested in growing and developing. And that’s no criticism. Business owners cannot be expected to juggle all the balls necessary to keep a business afloat these days. Moreover, trying to take care of specialty areas like IT yourself- or delegating to employees without IT specific training- can do more harm than good. Your attentions are best focused on the core goals of your business. A lawyer can’t be expected to abandon important case work in order to keep the web side of things humming along.

Despite having never owned my own business, my on-again, off-again writing career has  taught me some valuable lessons regarding just how important it is to have a savvy IT professional onboard when you’ve got something to plug. Never underestimate the power of the IT Professional. Temporary jobs- in my case, a book that needed to be promoted primarily using online marketing- can be farmed out simply by registering with an IT recruitment agency and providing them with the specifics of the job you want done. In my case, I needed to establish a strong social media presence. I needed to connect with my demographic- stay at home blogger mum’s who would help spread the word through their own websites. The way to do this, I was to learn, was to share content that they would appreciate and share with their own network of contacts,  ask and answer questions, and put them in contact with people they might be interested in establishing a connection with. It’s a reciprocal arrangement. You get what you give.

Naturally, for many small business people, time is of the essence. They can’t afford to put in the many hours required to build these kinds of relationships, or be responsible for the mechanics of running an efficient website. They need to focus on the nuts and bolts of the business, whether that be practicing law or installing backyard swimming pools. They have neither the hours in the day, the interest, or the faith in their own tech ability to pursue the online aspect of their business, contribute to and monitor their social media presence, update their website with new promotions and content, and to ensure that they have no online vulnerabilities which may be harming their business.

For all these reasons, businesses can benefit tremendously from getting those computer skills they need from a third party. IT professionals don many hats. They may take care of the aforementioned online marketing, website updates and social media duties. They might update your operating systems in order to streamline operations and make the day to day running of your business more efficient. Don’t know the first thing about security scans or vulnerability assessments? Hire an IT professional and you can remain at once blissfully ignorant and safe as houses.

There are a raft of different IT experts out there, each with their own area of specialization. To learn about how your business can develop and grown with the help of an IT professional, visit

This is a guest post written by Belinda Darling. If you’d like to write a guest post please contact me.

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  1. I hear you on this one Belinda.  I know when it comes to the technical part of blogging I need help.  Everyone does need there IT Professional. 
    Thanks for making me feel smart, because I realized early on that I didn’t have the smarts of all the technical stuff.

  2. Strong presence on the internet is the most important aspect for start-up businesses. Having a good, user-friendly website is the foremost need.

  3. Thanks for a very interesting post Belinda. I think three keywords sum up your blog post – focus, share, and horses for courses. The IT professional is, as you say, a vital cog in the works. I absolutely agree. I was lucky enough to find a really good IT professional who sorted out my website quickly and professionally. It made all the difference.Having looked at your website it’s obvious that you’ve got a really good IT professional and the important requisite information is easily found – not always the case on some websites! I like the excellent testimonials you have on your site, and big name testimonials such as Tupperware are a big bonus for your business. Congratulations!

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