New WordPress Backup and Update Service Launched

Do you backup your WordPress website?

Do you even know how to backup your WordPress website?

Do you remember to keep up to date with new versions of WordPress?

Do you have time to upgrade/update all your plugins?

Do you ever wish you could restore your site to an earlier version?

Do you wish someone could take care of this all for you?

If so, you’re not alone. Introducing….

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The BTG Backup and Update Service


The BTG Backup and Update Service, or “BTG BUS” is a service that keeps regular backups of your WordPress powered websites, keeps WordPress, plugins and themes up to date, and provides the opportunity to restore your sites to an earlier version if there are any problems. With no hassle for you, just set up and forget!

Go to the full page for details on pricing, FAQs, comparisons with other services and much more.

WordPress Backup and Update Service

4 thoughts on “New WordPress Backup and Update Service Launched”

  1. I use the WP-DBManager plugin on all of my websites. It’s free, and with a very little bit of configuration I have it send backups of my databases to a dedicated email account on a weekly basis, where they’re automatically sorted into folders. Since I custom make my own themes (in most cases, there are a couple where I’ve used modified free “pro” themes), I always have a copy located in my SkyDrive account anyway. With my database and my template easily replaceable, I can be back up and running in a matter of minutes in the event of a kablooie moment, with very little work lost 🙂

    1. @JasonGW I’ve used the plugin in the past and it’s fine for you and me but for people who don’t know how to do a manual restore then it’s too complicated. It also doesn’t take care of updating plugins and WordPress itself, which again is easy enough, but 98% of my clients don’t do it. I encourage them too but often they are scared of things going wrong or don’t understand how to backup before doing so. There are many solutions out there to do it yourself if you want, just like you can change the oil on your car if you want. But if you don’t want to learn how or have to remember to do it, then there are services for it, like this.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. @BlogTechGuy  @JasonGW I just signed up for this service. Thanks a lot for making my life easier.  I know that I could do it myself if I realty wanted to but if I can afford to simplify my life in order to focus on other aspects of my business, then your help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot Joel.

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