Blogging Guide Updated

Andrew and I have just updated our free blogging guide eBook – “The step by step approach to build a successful blog and making a blog income”.

With all the recent changes in Google’s algorithms and subsequent changes to certain plugins, we felt the time was right for an update.

Within the free blogging guide, we cover such subjects as:

  • How to manage your day as a blogger (i.e. the things you should do each day)
  • How to get your site indexed…fast
  • Choosing Your Niche (and why it’s crucial to get right)
  • Keyword Analysis (and the 3 key rules you MUST adhere to)
  • The must have Plugins (and how to tweak and install them for maximum effect)
  • How to publish your content for maximum SEO
  • How to secure your WordPress site
  • Making an income via your blog

If you have yet to download our free blogging guide and also get some extra tips that we don’t share on this blog, grab the free report below. You will also get my free guide to backing up WordPress – Save Your Site!

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  1. This is really helpful to some of the beginners today and to those who are planning to start business in blogging.. This must be shared!

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