8 Ways to Promote and Gain Visibility to your Blog

This is a guest post written by Brianne Walter who is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. If you’d like to write a guest post please contact me.

Managing a blog requires lots of effort. Business blogs are more challenging to manage since you see multiple participating contributors and groups. The basic steps to start and manage a blog is same for any group of people including individual bloggers, start up businessmen or big business groups. Promoting your blog to get proper visibility are two sides of the same coin. Promoting your blog means letting people know about your blog posts over the internet. The below are eight important methods to promote and gain visibility to your blog.

1). Create compelling content

Content is considered to be the most vital thing for the blogs. While creating content, it is important to write for your target audience by making it interesting and relevant to them. Producing quality content makes your blog more trustworthy among your target audience. This means you get more amounts of readers for your blog. Also, search engines like Google love blogs carrying quality content, this means your blog would become more visible over search engines.

2). Employ search engine optimization

SEO is very effective and simple method to make your blog visible over different research engine results. Optimization begins with finding out relevant and popular keywords relevant to your niche area and using them effectively in your content, title and Meta tags. SEO is a vast topic which covers different areas of your blog; hence it is important to cover all the basics including the load time of your web pages, simple navigation, quality outbound links, meaningful file names and competent titles for your pages.

3). Frequency of content

Posting frequent content over your blog is considered to be an important element. Here there is no magic number for this rule, however, it is recommended to post three to five times a week in your initial days of blogging. You are not supposed to overwhelm yourself; rather you can restrict to three times a week and then gradually can move on for a higher frequency. Unless you’re running a news site, blogging isn’t a news providing thing, hence no one expects from you to update your blog multiple times a day.

4). Email your blog posts

This may sound an unnecessary thing; however, you are supposed to bring your content before your target group. They may not be visiting your blog on a daily basis; hence emailing them content can bring the post before your readers. Relying on any competent email service with consistency is the key of getting your desire result. For instance, if you follow a Tuesdays as your mailing day and Fridays as your roundup of the week, then stick to this schedule.

5). Guest blogging

This can help you in building a better authority of your blog among your target audience. At this point of time, you can find blogs and sites in your niche area and think of trying guest blogging at these places. While posting your different articles, it is recommended to produce quality content which can attract new readers at your blog. You can incorporate a back link over your guest posts carrying your blog name in the anchor text.

6). Press releases

PR or press releases are effective way to spread your word over internet. You may think that your business do not have any newsworthy thing, however the fact is there are many things which keep on happening around your products or services. You just need to cover all these things including new products, announcements, project completions, new business associates, awards, interviews, industry whitepapers etc.

7). Social media

It’s a boom time for social media sites, hence you can think of using these for your blog promotion. The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, MySpace etc. give you enough opportunities to promote your blog. You are required to grow and nurture your communities. By simply posting content on these sites will not fetch you a good result, however, you are required to remain active over these places via different community participation.

8). Syndication

Syndication is still considered to be an underutilized idea. To begin with, simply find out the top ten publishers known to deal in your niche area which focuses on your target groups. You can then contact them to find out the ways of building a relationship with your content.

Blogs are really simple to create; however, managing them is a tricky business. For a successful blog, you need to have good reader base, trying the above discussed eight tips about blog promotion can really make it visible before your target audience.

About the Author: – Brianne Walter is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, marketing and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are Cellphonebeat and Gizmowatch, which she also happens to work for.

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