What Do Your Friends And Associates Say About You?

Which of the following two scenarios best describe you?

1) I have an awesome bunch of friends, they are really supportive in everything I do. When I am down they pick me up and encourage me, when I am up they congratulate and celebrate with me, when I need advice they question and challenge me so I can help make up my own informed decision.

2) I have some good friends I guess. Sure, we talk about work a bit but they have a totally different view on things to me, they don’t really understand and sometimes don’t really seem interested. I have asked for their advice before but they don’t seem to get where I am coming from and don’t seem able to help me at all, but hey, they are my friends after all.
In the quest for personal or business success have you ever felt like you’ve outgrown some of your friends?

If the second scenario is you then unfortunately you probably already have. Ever heard the phrase ‘success breeds success’? Well, this is very true in the friends and company you keep.

There are people who are on the same wavelength as you who you feel great being around, the stories you share are enlightening and engaging.

Questions you ask or help you require are greeted with real, sincere interest and you come away from the conversation with real benefit and sense of relief and pride you can talk to these people about things that are important to you.

Our friends are there to help us, support us, encourage us and stimulate us but there comes a time when those people who have been there to do that for you before are suddenly not capable of providing that assistance anymore.

It is not your fault, it is not their fault, it is just that life moves at such a pace that sometimes you outgrow your current batch of friends and your needs become greater than they can give you.

Whatever success path you are currently on here are a few tips to make sure you are making friends and associates in the right circles:

Who do you most admire?

Whether you are striving for business or personal success, who is the person or people you most look up to and admire? Once you have the person in your mind, ask yourself where does he or she hang out?

Where do they go to meet their friends? Is it a leisure club, a sporting club, a business club? Wherever it is if they go then there will be people of similar stature and mind… go join them.

Try a training course

Is there anyone else out in the world on the same success journey as you? The answer to that question is YES, you just have to find them. In your pursuit of success have you ever thought about enrolling on a training or development course in an area that you feel would progress you forward in either business or personally?

On that course there will be people like you, looking for people like you. It is an awesome place to meet like-minded people and begin new friendships that will be mutually beneficial.

They say that you can ‘choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’ and that is a very good thing because as you go along your success journey you need to have the people in your life that will positively influence you to continue your path so take time out to think about what your friends and associates say about you now, and what you are going to do about it!

Here’s what some people say about me.

7 thoughts on “What Do Your Friends And Associates Say About You?”

  1. Hi Joel,

    This is so true with friends. We do out grow them and move on. With my internet business, many of my face to face friends, just don’t understand. That is ok, because of the friends like you I have met on the internet are always there for me. even though we don’t live close to each other (different states) i always know that if I have a problem you are there if I need you.

    We all need friends and I believe others are always put into our life for a reason. No one should ever stand alone.

    Thank you for sharing how your friends feel.

    Blessing to you MYFRIEND!


    1. No it is not. That is way it is so fun to make all these new friends. I just love getting to know others all over the world. Thanks for the blessing, Use all the help I can get . LOL

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