Why You Should Buy Headway Today

Headway is the WordPress theme that this site runs on. I’ve talked before about why I think it’s great, but the current version is not for everyone.

At this moment it means designing the site yourself, learning the interface, graphics added and so on. But this is all about to change. 40 seconds into the video below introduces the new Child Themes that will be available for use with the next version of Headway.

The next version is out on November 25th, so why am I saying to buy it now? When the new version is released they are moving to a subscription model with a recurring fee, and not only that, but the price will be higher. So if you buy BEFORE the 25th and get the current version of Headway:

You will get the Headway 3.0 upgrade for no extra cost, and no ongoing/recurring fees.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting Headway, then now is the time to do it as current members get the best deal. Of course there are many other changes in the new version, it’s been built from scratch, has a new blocks system and many other changes. But the child themes is something I know a lot of my clients are excited about, and while these will be an additional cost they save you the time and effort of designing complicated layouts yourself. I may even be releasing some child themes for sale myself….

Watch the video below to learn more about the new theme.

I will be upgrading this site to run on the new theme once I get time to play around with and see what new features I can use and what it can do. If you already own the theme then don’t worry, you’ll be seeing version 3.0 very soon!

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Headway Today”

  1. Hey Joel – If I already own the individual Headway theme is there any major benefit to upgrading to developer in order to create more than 2 sites prior to Nov 30th? Or can I still upgrade anytime with the same benefits as a previous user?

    1. @amymiyamoto Good question Amy. That I don’t know, however it was before the 25th, not the 30th, so it has already changed. You can check your account and see. Hope all is well!

    2. Ooops my bad re: the date…I will look into it. Not sure if you are able to answer this – If you are dealing with novice technical users can you think of any reason to recommend Genesis over Headway (especially for affiliate marketing focuses). I am not familiar with Genesis – yet know it is powerful – yet most of my community desires high function – EASE of use/back end… 😉 @BlogTechGuy

    3. @amymiyamoto Genesis is good if you want a set layout. Though Headway now has Child Themes which is the same thing, if they like a layout already and don’t want many changes then Genesis is good for that. If they want a lot of changes it’s harder to do in Genesis.

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