Muscle Building For The Mind

Every day, millions of us across the world spend hours of our day working hard on exercising our bodies to create the perfect shape and look. Toning arms, strengthening legs and shaping torsos is all part of the daily routine, for many people. But, what about the most powerful and under-utilised muscle in the human body? How much time do we spend exercising that? Is it about time that exercising our mind became part of the daily routine too?

Experts estimate that we use only ten percent of the brain’s capacity in day-to-day life. Simply by exercising the brain, in the same way as we exercise the rest of the body, it will gain strength and become powerful. Similarly, if we don’t exercise the brain, it becomes lazy, unresponsive and slow just like our physical bodies when we neglect them.

Our daily lives bring us in to contact with many opportunities to either strengthen or weaken the mind. One of the most popular brain busters is the television. So many shows, so much choice but lots of trash TV and very little to challenge and enhance the brain. Is daily TV watching as bad for the brain as junk food is for the body?
A daily routine for the mind can be the most important, productive and valuable exercise workout you can do. Here are some tips to incorporate strengthening the number one muscle in the body into your daily routine…

Morning exercise

Starting the day with some mind building exercise is the one of the best and most satisfying ways to ensure the day starts well and continues on the same path. Personal development guru Anthony Robbins references the ‘Hour of Power’ in his book Awaken the Giant Within. Robbins says physical exercise, meditation and learning are the most effective way to start each and every day. The full hour isn’t always necessary, thirty minutes is all it takes. If this time can’t be squeezed into the morning routine you currently have, then set the alarm earlier…it really is that simple, and very productive.

Exercise in the car

This isn’t necessarily all about having to find more time in your day, it is about using your time more productively – and your daily journeys in the car could be the answer. There are so many CDs and audio books available now that the radio can be replaced by a daily mind exercise routine. Whether it’s on the motorway, on the school run or simply on errands, for ten minutes or the full three hour traffic jam, it’s a brilliant way to make the most of your daily travel.

Evening exercise

If watching a lot of TV on a daily basis is reducing mind capacity, just thirty minutes per night, every night of mind building activity will make a significant difference. The options for how to fill that time are vast; reading a personal development book, watching a mind exercising DVD or listening to one of the CDs from the car. The daily routine creates the discipline, which in turn creates the long lasting positive effect.

Combining the physical and the mind exercise

How about combining the two forms of exercise in to one? Both are important, and if your schedule doesn’t allow both in separate forms, then doing both at the same time can be the perfect compromise. Replacing the accompanying music during your physical exercise with personal development audio provides the mind with exercise, as well as the body.

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  1. Joel, i agree with you very much. We do feed our minds junk, like we can our bodies. I remember when my mother was getting older, one think she make sure to do is feed her mind. She didn’t want to lose that ability. You are very right, the mind is as important to feed as the body and you have stated some very wonderful ways to do this, Thank you for the reminder.


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