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Gaining Confidence In The Blogosphere

Are you a confident blogger? Do you sit down each week with a feeling of anticipation when you are about to put pen to paper, feeling great about what you have to say, and how you’re going to say it?

If not, it’s time to change. When I work with my customers, one of the biggest questions I am asked is, ‘how do I gain more confidence with my blog?’ Confidence is a slippery blighter. It can’t be learned, but we can each understand more about who we are and what we are trying to achieve with our blogs in order to access our inner confidence and realize that we are each experts in our respective fields of industry. Here’s how…

Write about what you know

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When you blog, one of the worst things you can do is try and speak to people with authority on a subject you don’t fully understand. Writing about something you aren’t already confident about is a surefire way of undermining your effectiveness as a blogger, and alerting your potential customers to the fact that you aren’t feeling on top of your subject. When we tackle topics that we don’t feel fully confident about, the tone of our writing changes and we become hesitant rather than authoritative in our chosen area. This in turn makes your customers doubt your effectiveness, leaving them to turn elsewhere to get information about what they need to know in your industry. If you aren’t sure about a certain subject, get someone else to draft a post oin your behalf, making it clear that you have invited a guest blogger along.

Take regular time out to learn

No industry stays the same year on year, and this is why even the most clued-up blogger needs to keep a little time aside for developing their knowledge on an ongoing basis. Keeping up to date with shifts and changes in your field of expertise is a great way to boost your confidence, leaving you full of self-assurance that you are the very best person to write on yoru blog. Check out the media news, books, websites and competitors regularly to make sure you are staying ahead of key trends that you can go on to share with your customers.

Admit your weaker areas

No-one can be expected to be outstanding on every single subject they cover for their industry. It’s both honest and endearing to announce proudly – “Hey! I don’t know too much about this!” when you write – the most probable outcome is your readers will chip in with comments and corrections of their own, swelling your feedback channels and encouraging two-way interaction on your blog – a perfect outcome!
By being honest, staying clear of areas of which you are unsure, and inviting other people to write on your behalf if you’re not feeling comfortable with a topic, you’ll be able to blog with passion, enthusiasm, and a wealth of confidence.

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