Premium Series: Pippity Popup Plugin Review

In my Premium Series I’m taking a look at Premium WordPress plugins and WordPress themes that I personally use, either for myself and for others. All opinions are my own and not influenced by affiliate commissions or anyone connected to the product.

Pippity is a WordPress plugin that promises to make your popups less annoying to visitors. I use a popup (or hover over) to promote my newsletter and the two free ebooks you get for subscribing. The optin does pretty well with the fairly basic AWeber popup I used, so I thought it would be interesting to test.

Setting up the popup is very easy. Simply choose from one of the many themes, as shown in the screenshot below

You simply have to do a few steps for each theme, it’s all point and click stuff:

– Choose the theme you want. There are quite a lot of choices by default.
– A lot of themes have color choices too so choose the combination you like, or select your own colors.
– Enter the text for each section you want to use.
– Set the appearance options. How long before the pop-up appears? How many days before you show it again to the same person? How many pages should they have viewed before it appears? Should it appear on Posts only page?
– Finally enter your newsletter subscription form code. Pippity will automatically extract the relevant info and connect it up.

If you want to see how my pop up looks go here and it will be forced to appear for you.

You can create many different popups and test what change in conversion rate they generate. Below is an example of the screen straight after installing the plugin and setting up the forms – hence the figures are all zero. In a few weeks I’ll update this to show the latest figures.

Pippity — People Pleasing Popups Positively Increasing Sign-Ups

Overall I’m impressed as to how easy the plugin is to use, and how many features it has. The plugin is low priced for one site and you can get an attractive popup that is customized for the experience you want to give your visitors. In under 5 minutes.

It will take longer to tweak and get exactly what you want, and test different variations and combinations of course. I haven’t used it long enough yet to say whether it is better than the standard AWeber one, but I wouldn’t have installed it if I didn’t think it would be.

It’s very fast too, it hasn’t made a measurable difference to my page loading speed, and it currently works with AWeber, Madmimi, MailChimp, Constant Contact, 1ShoppingCart, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Graphic Mail and iContact.

BTG logo Summary

Where I use this: Right here on Blog Tech Guy.

Pros: Lots of templates; easy to use; no coding required; custom CSS allowed.

Cons: Not free, but nothing anywhere near as powerful as this plugin is free.

Cost: From $49.

From: Pippity (affiliate link).

5 thoughts on “Premium Series: Pippity Popup Plugin Review”

  1. Hi Joel,
    I see you are still using Pippity.  I’ve to write an article for a large publication on wordpress plugins.  I’m looking for a quote/feedback on how effective Pippity has or hasn’t been for you.  Is that possible?  Al the best, Ian

    1.  @ianmcleary Hi Ian, sure thing. Just email me at joel at (or use the contact form) with what you need and I’ll do my best to help.

  2. Thanks Joel for writing a detailed write up for Pippity Popup Plugin..

    The problem here is i am using RSS feed with feedburner which is free which is not present in the list which you have mentioned here. Can you please tell me what will work out best for feedburner?

    Please check my website

    Will it be good idea for me to move to some premium mail servers like Aaweber etc.? How much it will help me in long term. Please tell me the data points.


    Rajesh Singla

  3. You make it sound really easy to install, even for us not so technical people.  Do you get a good response back from it?

    Thanks for more great information, Joel.  Keep it coming

    1. Hi Debbie! I’m still testing but it is getting 1 or 2 sign ups a day at the moment, which is the same as AWeber, however I’m testing a few different forms to get the optimal one and so the Conversion Rate % is higher than the standard AWeber one so far on some of the forms. Lots of testing to do! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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