Headway 3.0 Preview

The new version of the Headway Theme for WordPress, 3.0 is coming very soon. It has some great new features that you can see from the video below, but it looks AWESOME!

If you’re a current owner you will get the upgrade for FREE and will NEVER pay a subscription fee for Headway. Yes, the new version of Headway will be a subscription and be more expensive than the current version.

So if you’ve been ummming and ahhhing over getting Headway, now is the time to do it. If you buy now, you’ll pay the lower price, get a free upgrade to 3.0 and never pay a subscription fee. If you wait until 3.0 is out then you won’t get those benefits.

Doesn’t it look good? I use Headway on this site, so know how great the current version is. You can read my review of Headway here and buy the theme here.

2 thoughts on “Headway 3.0 Preview”

  1. Wow!  This looks like something I may even be able to do.  However I just changed my site not to long ago. I have one of the child themes.  Does that work with this or is it a whole different thing?

    thanks for sharing this Joel, you are appreciated

    1. Thanks Debbie! It needs to be a specific child theme for the parent theme. So a Genesis child theme won’t work on a Headway theme and vice versa. Same for all themes, they have to be specially written fir the parent theme in mind.

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