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Five Ways To Be A Better Blogger

One of the main questions I get asked, when I explain what I do for a living, is ‘How do I become a better blogger?’ In truth, I never quite know what to say. There are so many different things which can separate the good blogger from the bad, it’s difficult to seize on a simple response and know I’m imparting good advice. So, for the benefit of anyone out there looking for five sure-fire ways to enhance your blogging practice and get in to a great habit for ongoing success, here are my top tips…


OK, this may sound like a stupid recommendation, but have you any idea how many people I know, who have failed at blogging – because they actually didn’t blog? Your blog is your business, and so you have to put more care and attention in to making it flourish than in most other areas of work. People’s blogs fail more often than not simply because they allowed them to fall by the wayside, neglecting to post up articles and look after their sites.
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The internet is like one big children’s home for lost, neglected or orphaned blogs which started out with a loving parent and then ended up shriveling in to a sad and lonely, disbanded site because their owners forgot to give them the things that they needed to survive. Blogs work, when people blog through them. Write at least three articles a week, and love your blog to make it flourish.

Blog for others

You may have nailed your blog, and you could be a great owner, posting up articles and looking after your site, but did you know that blogging for other people is just as effective as posting up articles on your own site? People who write guest posts for others bring traffic to their own site, generating more business and broadening their readership significantly.

So, for every three articles you write on your own site, why not factor in a fourth to post up somewhere else? This is a simple, easy and highly effective way of getting people to find out about you, your site and your business for no financial outlay and a very small investment of time.

Be responsive

Responsiveness is a key trait for any successful blogger, as you reply to the comments which people have posted up on your site, get back quickly to those customers seeking your advice or support, and generally maintain a healthy and involved approach to your business. The best bloggers spend time each day to answer questions, communicate with customers and respond to their requests, requirements and suggestions. By staying ahead of what your customers want or need, through listening to their feedback and responding, you will always be in a position to grow, develop and enhance your business.

Be proactive

Nothing kills a blog off more quickly than allowing it to stagnate, preventing it from developing and evolving in line with the requirements of the industry and customer base. It’s important to stay ahead of shifts and trends as a blogger, understanding the potential twists in the industry and catering for them just as they emerge in your market. Knowing what your customers are looking for, and providing it to them even before they were aware they had a need, will ensure you always stay ahead of your competitors and succeed.

Set a routine

Finally, having a great routine will enhance the way you run your blog, forever. Set apart a time to update your site, and have a strong and inflexible schedule based upon what you need to achieve each day, and when you want to achieve it by. This firms up your strategy and task list, and keeps you on track to be an outstanding blogger!

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