Find Out How Well Your Blog Is Really Doing!

Many of you know, Andrew and I have been collaborating on a plugin called Pro Blog Stats.

It has taken us over a year for this final stage, and thousands of dollars – but now we are proud and excited to say:

Here is our first ever WordPress plugin!

It’s been tweaked and tested by many beta testers and some of them are hooked.


Pro Blog Stats gives you over 50 different statistics about your blog or WordPress website – all on one page, within your WordPress dashboard. With Pro Blog Stats, you no longer have to log in to all your different accounts (like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook) to see your statistics.

And, yes, there is a free version of the plugin.

I won’t list all the statistics here (there are too many to mention) but they include:

– Google Analytics
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Alexa
– Pages indexed
– Backlinks
– Stats

…and many more.

It’s important to note that the plugin will NOT slow your site down. Once configured the only time the plugin does anything is when you request a report. The rest of the time the stats are gathered by our server, not yours. So unlike some other stats plugins, it will not slow down your site.

Many of you will know how vital it is to monitor your statistics, to keep abreast of how many visitors you have, the bounce rate, number of subscribers, number of backlinks, time spent on your site and so on.

By monitoring these statistics you can determine what impact your on-line decisions and work are having.

Do you get more visitors if you blog every day, or four times a week?

Did your subscription rate change as a result of your latest blog post?

Monitor your statistics… check the impact and repeat them if positive (or stop if negative).

Of course, you do need a history of your blog stats to see the trends, and the quicker you start using Pro Blog Stats the better. From the day you install and use the plugin, it will keep a history of your stats. A couple of days later you can compare and see what stats have improved. Then compare again a couple of weeks, or months later!

So there we have it… our WordPress plugin… now available for download.

The personal e-mails from our beta testers has been extremely positive. This plugin will make a big difference to the success of your blog.

Make sure you get your free version of the plugin by going here today:

Pro Blog Stats

We’d really welcome your feedback to see how the plugin can be improved, so get in touch and tell us what you think.

3 thoughts on “Find Out How Well Your Blog Is Really Doing!”

    1. Hi Nikki,

      The plugin should still install and if you go to Plugins and click activate this should be fine. Are you on the latest version of WordPress? I ask as 3.1 on some web hosts does this for a lot of plugins, ones I know that work well and are fine afterwards if you activate them via the Plugins page after that message pops up.

      You can also install directly from if you go to Plugins > Add new and search for Pro Blog Stats and install from there. 

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