Gaining Buy-In From Your Customers

What is it about certain causes, companies or people that make you warm to them instantly, supporting them and advocating them as they go about their activities in the world? Attracting people to a cause is a skill which many people have, and some people don’t, but there is no doubt that with a little effort it is possible to develop the right skills to gain support from people, when it is most needed.

Picture some of the most charismatic and successful people you know. I’m talking about the person who can walk in to a busy room and smile, and make everyone pause and grin back at them with genuine warmth. The people who seem to manage to attract others in to their circle effortlessly, understanding inherently just how to charm other people, or gain acceptance and support simply because of the way they put themselves across.

Throughout history, there have been key personalities who have managed to generate support, warmth or even love from others simply by being themselves. Some of our most well-loved celebrities have this x-factor in bucket loads, managing to charm people senseless almost without trying. Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana – all these people had an intangible quality which drew people to them instinctively.

How does this apply to blogging, you may wonder? Well, the fact is, it’s possible to make your blog as attractive to people by following some of the rules which the charm elite bring to their everyday affairs. The following tips will give you the inside track to having a charismatic and ‘sticky’ blog, keeping people coming back time and again, warming to you and your online business…

Be real and honest

People who naturally attract others all share a similar trait – they are ‘real’. This quality means that others can look to them and identify with who they are as human beings, wanting to spend time with them. Your blog needs to have the same quality, in that people who visit you online understand that you are presenting a real version of yourself and your brand, without concealing your true aspirations, personality and objectives.

Use humor

Nothing is more engaging for others than a great use of humor, both in business and life overall. A warm sense of humor supports you in engaging others, allowing you to present yourself and your business online in a great light. Humor dispels tension, enabling you to be self-deprecating or acknowledge flaws without losing credibility, an engages your readers by providing an accessible, likeable and engaging style for presenting your information and services.

Be personable

Showing a strong personality online is an ideal way of drawing other people to you, letting them get to know who you are and what you are about. With so many blogs out there focusing upon similar subjects, it’s important that you are able to differentiate your business from that of your competitors. A personable and engaging approach draws your readers back time and again, as they feel as if they are developing a true relationship with you which will lead to an ongoing and fruitful partnership.

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