Write A Review Post That Gets You Sales

Joel’s note: This is a guest post by Krizia the co-creator of The Blog Income for Women Blueprint. if you want to write a guest post for BTG please contact me here.

I think by now most of us understand that there are three types of blogs:

1) Personal blogs
2) Magazine type blogs
3) Review blogs

The first type of blog is really about pure expression and creativity and most people who operate personal blogs aren’t in it for the money.

Magazine type blogs usually are driven by ad revenues. Because they have a lot of content, they are able to drive a large number of readers each month and they are therefore able to get a lot of money from advertisers and sponsors.

Review blogs are fueled by affiliate commissions. A review blog is a blog where you write a clever review which you link to an affiliate product and then you do tones of marketing in order to get as many people as possible to your page in order to convert them to your affiliate offer.

Most newbies to blogging will find that the experience of blogging without revenues is nothing more than a hobby and if they are looking for additional revenues, the idea is really to learn how to write reviews on their blog that will convert into blog income.

Writing reviews might seems a bit daunting at first, but there are some simple rules you can follow to ensure you write the type of review that grabs readers’ attention and most importantly, get your readers to take action.

=> If you’re new at writing review posts, the follow tips should seriously boost your conversions:

1) Your title is important: If you are reviewing a product, you’ll want to be sure to add the product name in the title. Cute titles are cute, but if you want conversions, people NEED to know what you are featuring.

2) Repeat the name of the product you are reviewing: You’ll also want to make sure to repeat the brand name of the product you are reviewing at least two to three times in the body of your review. This will make it a lot easier for the search engines to rank your review.

3) Do research: You’ll want to spend some time doing research online to see what others are writing about the product you want to review. This is a great way of gathering insightful tidbits that you can use in your own reviews!

4) Include testimonials: If you do research, you’ll undoubtedly find testimonials on the product you want to review. Adding a few testimonials is a great way to enhance your review.

5) User photos: Photos are very important when writing review posts. If you are writing a product review that you got from an affiliate program, chances are that you’ll already have access to a bank of photos or banners.

5) End your review with a call to action: A good review post would not be complete without a call to action. If you want conversions (aka readers clicking on your affiliate link), you’ll need to tell readers exactly what to do and that’s exactly what a “call to action” does. If you’re not familiar with what a call to action should look like, the following example should help:

“Click here to find out more about this product: [Name of product you are reviewing]”.

Becoming proficient at writing review posts can seriously pay off in the long run because a good review post can become extremely profitable.

When it comes to blogging, you’ll want to figure out early on what type of blogger you want to become. I know if my case, it took me a long time to realize that being a review blogger was far easier and more profitable than operating a magazine blog. Unless you have serious traffic, advertisement won’t really pay off for you, but a review post only requires targeted content that will attract the right type of visitors looking for the products you are featuring!

In my experience, I’ve managed to write review posts that pulled several thousands of dollars over a couple of weeks. In a few minutes, you can craft the type of post that keeps bringing in some interesting blog income … it’s a matter of knowing how to write a good review post and having the right formula to market your post!

About the Author:

Krizia is the co-creator of The Blog Income for Women Blueprint which teaches women how to turn their blogging efforts into blog income. You can watch a free video tutorial and download a free report here: http://blogincomeforwomen.com/

17 thoughts on “Write A Review Post That Gets You Sales”

  1. True factors here Joel. I’ve had good sales from my product reviews in the past that I just mix in with my other internet marketing posts. It’s also good to end the review with your own rating of the product. That way you’re more transparent.


  2. Writing a review blog is a great way to generate income. It’s relatively easy to build websites and write review. However, the marketing part really needs lots of effort and discipline.

    1. Product Review is a very important factor for your business sale. You have described very basic or important factors that needed for a good product review like adding testimonial in the product review. Great Work Joel !!

  3. I’ve written a few reviews, but haven’t been too successful. Many of the products I come across in my niche are crap and I wouldn’t promote, so I see no point in reviewing.

  4. Krizia,
    Looks like I need to spend more time thinking and taking action on this topic of writing reviews for affiliate products. I haven’t found a product that matches my niche yet. You’ve inspired me to dig a little deeper. Sounds like I need to review ClickBank to find something interesting as Andrew mentioned above.

  5. Krizia

    I would like to add a type of blog…a business blog. A blog that is associated with a business…then you can incorporate all 3 types of blogs you mention.

    I agree with most of what you are saying except the ‘title section’. I would rather mention the benefit to the reader rather than the product title.

    For instance one of the biggest selling products on ClickBank is called: “Pregnancy Miracle”. I would rather use a title than is more enticing like: “Struggling to Get Pregnant? Here’s the solution” (or something like that!).


  6. Great post and advice. I get the logic and rationale and everything else. The one thing that seems to be in the way of actually doing it … never mind how hard I try, there are still only 24 hours in day :-] Actually, time is the fairest commodity of all. Everyone gets the same amount, day after day. Zero favoritism, no-one gets overlooked. So I guess it’s up to me, minus “so I guess”.
    – Beat

  7. Dear Krizia and Joel –

    I think I write all three types. Is that legal?

    Best to get back to review blogs. Thanks for the valuable input.

  8. It all comes back to good writing and a great formula, – which you have. I’ve written reviews that have gotten me nowhere – I need to subscribe to your formula for sure! And… there are also other reasons to have a blog – to educate, to get the word out about something, to promote your own business, to be an advocate… All reasons to blog.

  9. Wow a lot of good information here. guess i am review blogger, but forgetting to write the reviews. I’l hop on that right away. Thanks many bunches for the advice. It is appreciated.

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