Kick Starting Your Blog Again

Happy New Year to everyone!

Sometimes, even the best blog writers seem to wind down and neglect their babies. It’s not that the drive and determination isn’t there, but simply that none of can seem to sustain the daily flurry of writing which some blogs demand, and it can seem that work priorities leave blogging somewhere down at the bottom of the pile when it comes to posting up news items and articles.

Updating your blog can feel a bit like washing up or doing the grocery shopping – part of our everyday lives that sometimes we wish we could pause, while we focus elsewhere. However, the best blogs need constant attention in order to thrive, and leaving long gaps between making posts can lead to your customers dwindling away in search of new services, and disappointed readers feeling that you aren’t prepared to invest your time in regular communications.

So, given that when we sign up to blogging we need to keep on top of things, how do we rescue our site from that inevitable malaise that hits when we have been up and running for a while? Do we change direction, acknowledging that there is nothing left to say, or are there ways to rekindle the initial enthusiasm which we felt when we started up? Here are some ideas…

Get a facelift

Sometimes, familiarity really does breed contempt. Giving your site a revamp with a new layout, navigation system and color scheme will reawaken your passion for the site, leaving you itching to go in an update it as you see the new brand taking shape. Engaging the services of a great graphic designer can support you to make your blog the best it can be, easily putting across your brand message and business personality.

Introduce new media

If the blogging boredom has struck, it may be worth considering how else you can gain creative inspiration for your site. Consider using new media such as images, video or podcasts to liven things up as you give your readers information. It could be that you are cut out for podcasting in a way you never were for writing, and you’ll be up and running with renewed enthusiasm in no time.

Ask for feedback

It’s no good plugging away at a blog without knowing what your customers want, so take some time to ask people to support you, in finding your ideal direction. A healthy dose of customer feedback will work wonders when it comes to igniting your enthusiasm again, and when you operate in line with your readers’ requirements, you’ll have sound validation for knowing that you are on the right track, and acting in the best interests of upping your readership and generating more revenue.

Imagine you are starting from the beginning

Sitting down with a blank sheet of paper, you can easily do some brainstorming about what your ideal blog would look like. Would it be the same as the one you have now, or would things be radically different? Take some time out to visualize your ideal site, and then map out all of the steps which you need to take in order to get your current blog to evolve in to your perfect one. This should give you the incentive you need to kick-start your blog again.

6 thoughts on “Kick Starting Your Blog Again”

  1. you know what Joel,

    I have already told you that i have been writing since a long time (may not be too long tough). But what I need to keep going is the new information that we get… and the kind of readership we can manage… I think if we get 1% return of our 100% work, that would be good enough to go for another 100%

    1. I have not enough experience in blogging but well said “I think if we get 1% return of our 100% work, that would be good enough to go for another 100%” I really impressed with your words. Thank You!!

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