Headway 2.0 – Interview with Co-Founder Grant Griffiths

The great WordPress theme Headway has come out with version 2.0 as of today, so I caught up with Grant Griffiths, one of the Co-Founders of Headway to talk about the new version and the advantage to bloggers.

Press play below to hear the short interview, and let me know if you have any questions! We cover what new features 2.0 has, what advantages the new features will give to you as a blogger or business and the support you can receive from them.

Complete Theme Control For Beginners To Experts With No Need For Code — Headway For WordPress

Disclosure: I run the Headway Theme on my site and am an affiliate for the theme.

4 thoughts on “Headway 2.0 – Interview with Co-Founder Grant Griffiths”

  1. I’ve built a number of WP sites this year, but now want to get into premium themes. Because I know absolutely nothing about coding, the Headway theme sounds like a great step up for me in the learning process. I’m very excited about what they offer!

  2. I’m currently using thesis but headway looks like it has more! Being a designer it’s obviously very important that I have plenty tools to make my clients websites their all happy with. I’ll be getting a developer’s copy of headway soon!

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