Celebrating A New Voice in The Blogosphere

Blogging is becoming more and more accessible to people all over the world, as WordPress and other platforms get easier to use, and the blogging craze catches on. This means that people who would normally have left blogging to IT experts and business owners are stepping up to the keyboard and lending their voice to the busy blogosphere.

According to some statistics, mothers are the newest to take up blogging across the globe. Apparently, the ‘mummy blogger’ (or ‘mommy blogger’ depending where you’re from) has become an unstoppable force when it comes to writing online diaries and sharing their experiences with the world. This is a welcome trend, opening up opportunities for people from all walks of life to communicate, share their experience of parenting and set up a community to support other people in similar circumstances.

How new trends arise in blogging

The trend is thought to have arisen for a number of reasons, including the fact that mothers who stay at home have sporadic opportunities to access the web at all times. In addition, blogging enables isolated parents to take advantage of social networking fully, engaging other mothers in comments and feedback and setting up chat forums to alleviate the sense of isolation which bringing up a child can create.

Although the ‘Mummy/Mommy blogger’ is not a particularly new phenomenon, it is rising hugely in popularity as people realize the benefits and rewards of sharing their experiences of childcare and motherhood online. In the United States, the situation has come to the attention of government officials policing advertising on the web, as new legislation has passed forcing some ‘Mummy/Mommy bloggers’ to disclose any affiliations which they may have with organizations, before advertising their products or services.

How blogging opens up new communications channels

This move demonstrates the power which people can have when they blog, in influencing other people’s purchasing decisions and actions. The rise of parental blogs, and their popularity among families raising children, is immense.

One woman in the US has been blogging about parenting since 2005, sharing her experiences of raising twins, and taking kids abroad. Linda Jones is enjoying a growing reputation when it comes to reviewing child-friendly holiday destinations, and is now frequently offered complimentary trips by organisations wishing to be reviewed.

Why the parent blogger stands to benefit from joining the blogosphere

A ‘Daddy blogger’ commented to the BBC news: “The lure of making money could be used to encourage positive blogs. Mommies make money, parents make money. They sit at home and they blog and there is definitely a good income stream you can make just from blogging. So, when money is involved there is definitely going to be some type of influence. They don’t pay you to bash their company and say something negative about their product.”

How to join the new movement

If you are a parent looking to join the blogging network, it couldn’t be simpler to register with WordPress and get in on the action. If you’d like support adding your voice to the thriving community of online bloggers, get in touch and I’ll support you to get started!

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